How to Make Your Facebook Wall or Profile Attract More Prospects

attract facebook prospects wallWith well more than 1 Billion users, Facebook is a fantastic way to connect with prospects about your home business, whether it’s network marketing, direct sales or MLM and what you post on your wall or profile is going to make the biggest impact on how effectively you connect with and attract others. 

Many people use Facebook to grow their home business but they go about it in a way that turns people off. There is definitely an approach you can use so that when you post on your wall or profile you will attract more prospects to your business. Read the rest of this entry

1 Daily Habit to Change Your Network Marketing Success

1 Daily Habit to Change Your Network Marketing Success

network marketing success daily habitDo you know the ONE habit that can change your network marketing success more than anything?  Of course, there are many habits of successful network marketers, but if there is one habit you certainly want to master and that is prospecting.  Talking to people everyday about your business. 

Think about what your goals are with your home business; are you looking to earn a few hundred bucks a month? $10,000/mo? Maybe you want to stay home full-time with your kids? Whatever your goals are, do something, SOMETHING, everyday to bring you closer to your goals.  Read the rest of this entry

Lifestyle Networking: How to Find MLM Prospects When You Are Out and About

mlm prospects lifestylenetworkingWhether you’ve run out of friends and family to talk to about your network marketing business ,one great way to find MLM prospects is through “Lifestyle Networking.”  

It is probably one of the best ways to get unlimited prospects is to jus open your eyes and ears a little more when you are out around town and living life as you normally do, whether it’s going to a restaurant, the grocery store, meeting friends, going to sporting events, going shopping, going to classes or being involved in various clubs or organizations where you meet people.

Read the rest of this entry

Do You Need a Time Out from Your MLM Prospecting?

network marketing business mlm prospecting time outIf you are not getting the results you want in your home business, it might be time to take a break from your MLM prospecting.  Seriously.

We know what it’s like when we give kids a “time out” for their actions or behavior, that by giving them a break from the chaos, they can take some time alone to think, and to readjust.  In a similar fashion, it’s appropriate at times for you (and me, too) to take a break from MLM prospecting, or network marketing prospecting as well. Read the rest of this entry

How to Follow Up with and Close More Prospects: Network Marketing Tips

network marketing business follow upOne thing many people struggle with, whether in network marketing, Internet marketing or direct sales, is how to follow up with and close more prospects after people have taken a look at their information. You may be one of them. 

Becoming a good closer is definitely a skill you want to develop and get good at and it takes a lot of practice. There are 2 very important parts to closing effectively, and most people mistakenly do not pay attention to the first one. Read the rest of this entry

Facebook Prospecting: How to Get More People to Look at Your Home Business

Facebook recruiting home businessIf you are doing Facebook prospecting to grow your home business, whether it’s network marketing, direct sales, a party plan or something else, there are definitely good ways and not so good ways to go about it. 

Here are a few suggestions to get more people to take a look at your business and your products.

First of all, here are a few things to NOT do: Read the rest of this entry

How to Close a Prospect in Network Marketing

How to Close a Prospect in Network Marketing

how to close network marketingDo you ever wonder how to close a prospect in your network marketing business? Of course you do.  It’s a silly question, but a bit of a trick question.  We tend to get caught up in the “How to’s” and the “What to say” in regards to speaking with prospects but to get better at closing someone is not necessarily a “how to”; it’s more of a “why.”

Here’s what I mean. When people join network marketing, for the most part they are joining someone they know, like and trust.   It’s more about the people aspect than it is about the actual product or company.   The better question you want to be able to answer has to do with they “WHY”, not the “How.” Read the rest of this entry

Improve Network Marketing Success with an Unlikely Strategy (Gratitude)

gratitude network marketing successYou ever wonder how you can have network marketing success or be more successful than you are now? Of course, right? Who wouldn’t? There are a ton of strategies, but here is an unlikely one that can help turn things around.

And that is to start a Gratitude Journal. A what? Yep.

It’s been shown time and time again, that the more we are grateful for the things we have, the more good things will flow to us.   So instead of focusing on what’s not working and worrying about what may or may not happen, start being more grateful for what you’ve got. Read the rest of this entry

Finding the Balance Between Network Marketing and Family

how to balance family and network marketingSo how do you go about finding a workable balance between network marketing and family?  It is no simple task. No doubt, if you have a family and you are building a network marketing business there will be times when you have to sacrifice one for the other.  And it can be very challenging during those times.

You will hear from some leaders how it’s going to take a sacrifice, especially in the beginning, for you to focus on growing your business, and building your team so that you can later reap the rewards of the time freedom and financial freedom for your Read the rest of this entry

How to Invite Prospects for a Home Business Presentation or Home Meeting for Your Network Marketing Business

invite to home meeting network marketingThere are many ways you can invite people to your home for a home business presentation or home meeting for your network marketing business, but the best way is for you to be your authentic self and not sound like you are reading from a script. 

I will provide you with a couple scripts to get you started, but over time your own style and your own wording will emerge.  Just remember, that when you call someone to invite them to a home meeting (or hotel meeting), it is simply that, just the invitation. Read the rest of this entry

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