How to Start a Phone Conversation with a Facebook Prospect After Being on Facebook Chat

conversation facebook messenger phone prospectDo you ever get stuck on how to start a conversation with a prospect on the phone about your home business after you had been messaging back and forth with them over Facebook Chat Messenger? Do you know how to keep the momentum of the conversation going and know what questions to ask before they take a look at how you can help them make money from home?

This post is part 2 to an earlier post about moving a conversation with a prospect from Facebook Chat Messenger to the phone for your home business. The first part reviewed what questions to ask in Facebook Chat and how to actually transition to the phone. This post reviews what to say when you actually get on the phone. Read the rest of this entry

How to go from Facebook Chat Message to the Phone with a Prospect

home business facebook chat phoneFacebook is a fantastic place for people with home businesses to find prospects for your home business or network marketing business. In an earlier post, I wrote about how to start a conversation with people on Facebook  about your home business, and in today’s post, we will look at how to go from a Facebook chat message to getting a prospect on the phone.

First- why even bother getting them on the phone?

Look at it this way, when you are texting with family and friends about whatever random things you are talking about, there are bound to be times when you don’t fully understand what the person is saying. Read the rest of this entry

Is it Really a Numbers Game in Network Marketing?

network marketing numbers gameIs it really a Numbers Game in Network Marketing? I used to believe so, but now I don’t. They tell you it’s all about the numbers and your ratios when you look at what to expect for you to have success in network marketing.

I’ve met many people who’ve been in their companies for years and have talked to hundreds of people, and yet they’ve enrolled/sponsored less than 5 people in that entire time. I’ve also met people who are brand new to the industry and who are enrolling people left and right. Read the rest of this entry

How to Choose the Right Home Business for You

How to Choose the Right Home Business for You

choose the right home business for youSo….. how do you choose the right home business?
Whether you are just starting your search to look for ways to earn money from home or you’ve been in the home business industry for awhile and are questioning whether you are in the right company, here are 5 Tips for you to consider for you to choose the right home business for you. Read the rest of this entry

How to Talk to Prospects at Holiday Parties About Network Marketing

Are you looking how to talk to prospects about network marketingfor some tips on how to talk to prospects (or people, friends, peers, family, etc) at holiday parties about your network marketing business? Sounds like a great idea, right?  At parties you are surrounded by a whole bunch of people who might be great additions to your home business, so it may seem quite logical to talk to them about your opportunity.

So how do you talk to people about your business? How do you bring it up in conversation at parties? Read the rest of this entry

Recruiting Professionals: What Questions to Ask on the 1st and 2nd Call

home business recruit professionalsWhen recruiting professionals for a home business, there is a great list of questions to ask them to find out if they would be a good fit for your business. The tricky part is that, since your 1st call to them may catch them off-guard, you may need to make a 2nd call to finish asking them qualifying questions for your business. So how do you know which questions to ask on your 1st call and which questions on your 2nd call?

Simple. Read the rest of this entry

Conversation Starters on Facebook for Your Home Business

home business facebook

Are you looking for some great conversation starters to grow your home business using Facebook?   Facebook is a great place to build a business of any size, whether it’s network marketing, direct sales or another type of home business. If you are like many others, you get stuck on what to say to people. Here are some great conversation starters to use with people you meet or want to reconnect with on Facebook.

But first, I want to go over a few tips about the appearance of your wall, because if you are not careful, you won’t get many people accepting your friend requests and may have other friends “unfriend” you, and you don’t want that. Read the rest of this entry

How to Create a Free Capture Page Using Aweber

How to Create a Free Capture Page with Aweber

how to create capture page for freeIf you want to be able to recruit without having to go to friends and family then you will definitely want to consider using capture pages, and you don’t need a blog to do that. Successful people in the home business industry will tell you that the money is in the list, meaning your list of contacts, people who have taken a look at your business. You want to create a list and have a way to stay in contact with them and you do it with capture pages. A capture page is simply a form that a prospect would fill out using their email address and possibly also their name and other contact information, in order to gain access to information they want.

You’ve undoubtedly filled out a capture page before when you were looking for some information on a particular topic or subject where you had to provide them with your email address to get the information you wanted. If you are in network marketing, then Read the rest of this entry

Why Should Your Prospects Even Listen to You? MLM Tips

Why Should Your Prospects Even Listen to You? MLM Tips

mlm tips prospectWhy should your prospects even bother listening to you about your network marketing or MLM business? No matter how excited you are about your company’s products or services, the truth is, your prospect may not be interested at all. BUT…if you act as their advocate, not a salesperson, your results will likely change for the better. Here are some MLM Tips for you.

When you are prospecting for your MLM or network marketing business, it’s important to find out what’s going on in your prospects’ lives right now with work, family, time commitments, etc. Dig deep. Find out what really Read the rest of this entry

Do YOUR Beliefs Hold You Back From Success? Tips from Max Lucado

success beliefs max lucadoThis blogpost is a little bit of a departure from what I normally write about, but I was inspired to write about it nonetheless. I know, from talking to hundreds and hundreds of people, that their beliefs hold them back from the success they could achieve and their beliefs hold them back from what they’ve been called to do an achieve.

You are exactly where you are today because of your beliefs about yourself (and your potential) and what you believe others tell you about who and what they say you are.

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