4 Tips to Break Through Fear In Your Home Business

Cliff overcome fearFear is probably one of the biggest reasons people quit their home business.  Some of the top fears are; fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of approval, fear of acceptance.  What are people going to think of me? Etc.

Do not let fear hold you back.  Fear does not come from God.  When your desire and your passion for achieving your goals are greater than your fear, you can do just about anything.

Here are 4 Tips to help you break through that fear:

  1. Think about your “Why.”  Why are you in a home-based business? Why your company?  And you can’t say ‘to make a bunch of money.’  While that may be true, dig deeper and ask yourself why you want to make a bunch of money.  Get to the root of that when you are prospecting and talking to people about what you have.  Ask yourself “why?” about 3-5 times to get to your real ‘why.’

When you do that you will have a stronger passion and conviction about building your business.

2.  Realize it is not about you. Often times when you are afraid to call prospects, whether they are people you know or people you don’t know, it’s because you are focusing on you, not the prospect.  Focus on the other person, their wants, desires and strengths and how your business can help them achieve that. (See also my article on Overcoming Phone Fear)

There are people waiting to hear from you.  Millions of people put their heads on their pillows at night thinking, there’s got to be another way.  They may be waiting for an opportunity like yours.  And it will take YOU stepping up and showing them a possible solution.

3.  Have more people to talk to than time in a day to get back to everyone.   A big problem people have is they aren’t talking to enough people.  They talk to only a few people (or no people) every day, then get too clingy with them, and then no one signs up.  When no one signs up, they get full of fear and doubt. They start procrastinating.  They get caught up in distractions. And the distractions lead to inaction.

The simplest way to overcome fear (besides pray, Bible, events, personal growth) is this:

  1. take action
  2. take action
  3. take action

When you are so busy talking to people, you won’t have time for fear, because you are in massive action.

4.  Think about the top earners in your company and how they got there.   If you’ve been to a National company event and seen the high income earners giving their speeches, think about what it took for them to get there.  If ANY ONE of them had given into their fears along the way, they wouldn’t be up on that stage, they wouldn’t have helped the number of people they helped, and YOU might not even be here right now.

Every leader will have to face their fears and obstacles along the way. You have no idea the hundreds and 1000s of people YOU may impact, if you break through your fear now.

Let your desire for success, for transforming your life and other people’s lives, to show them a better way, to show them how they can:

  • Be home with their families more
  • Avoid long commutes to work
  • Get away from a job they don’t like
  • Be able to spend time with kids
  • To not worry about spending money- shoes vs food
  • To not feel financial strain
  • To pay off bills
  • To be able to spend time with friends
  • To relax
  • To travel
  • To get time back
  • To live a free-er life

People are counting on YOU- to get over your past, get over your issues, get over your fear.

Get over your fear.  Get past yourself. Get over yourself, break through and make it happen.


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Sarah Bailey




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