What to Say at Parties and Social Events About Your Home Business

sharing business at a partyGoing to parties and family gatherings is a great opportunity to talk about your home business, right? Wrong!  I’ll explain why. 

Let’s say you are not an entrepreneur. You work in a regular, traditional job and you go to work each day, do your thing and then come home.  You don’t even like your job that much, but hey, it pays the bills.  After a hard, long week at work, you get to go hang out with friends or family at a party and you can FINALLY relax.  

So you are wiped out from your week and you go to the party to unwind.  Everybody’s talking about a variety of things, laughing and having fun.  Then Uncle Bob comes over to you and starts verbally throwing up all over you about his new network marketing business and how great it is and how he’s going to make millions and how you can, too.  But all you want to do is just relax and have fun, but he won’t stop talking about it. He goes on and on about the product or service and its 300 uses and how everyone in the world should have it. Bluck!!!

DON’T be a Bob!!!

If you are in a home business or direct sales and plan on attending any holiday parties, consider this: parties are a social occasion to relax and have fun with friends, family and loved ones. It is NOT a time to verbally throw up on them with your business opportunity. You will LOSE more potential business partners than you will gain, if all you try to do is recruit and sell people at a party.

If someone asks you what you’ve been up to, give a 5 or 10 second (not minutes, but seconds) answer, and end with a question about THEM. Keep the focus on other people at the party, not you. Show genuine interest in the people you are talking to. IF they want to know more about what you are doing, then casually mention you can call them another day, but right now you just want to enjoy the party.

Use parties as an opportunity to get to know people better.  Ask them questions about themselves.  Ask genuinely curious questions, dig deeper into the answers they give you.  Look for a “need” they have:

–       for more money

–       more free time

–       a desire to travel

–       extra spending money

And so on. Ask questions that will lead you to a hole they want to fill in their lives.  Then later you can call them and mention how you “might have an idea for them” or you “might have a way for them” to ____________ (fill in the blank with the need they shared with you at the party.

You could say something like, “Hey Joe, it was great seeing you at the party the other night.  I remember you saying that you wished you had extra money so you could take your family on a vacation this year.  I have an idea for how you can get that money. It may or may not be for you, but I’ll share with you what I’m doing and if you think it’s good for you, then great. If not, that’s okay too.”

Here’s the thing that so many networkers struggle with- do NOT get attached to the outcome. Do not worry if s/he joins you or not. Be unattached to the results. This is critical.  All you are doing is sharing what you are doing. If they like it, great.  If not, no big deal. There are millions of Americans out there who ARE looking.

Keep it “social” at parties, not business.  By NOT discussing your network marketing opportunity at parties it will get you much, much, much further in your business, and even better, you won’t alienate your friends and family.

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To your success!

Sarah Bailey

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