10 Reasons Why Pure Leverage Marketing System is a Must-Have for Any Network Marketing, Internet Marketing,or Traditional Business: A Review

10 Reasons Why Pure Leverage Marketing System is a Must-have for Any Network Marketing, Internet Marketing, or Traditional Business:  A Review

There are many reasons with the new Pure Leverage marketing system is a must-have, whether you are a network marketer, traditional business owner, internet marketer or affiliate marketer and I will provide a review for you here.  Two of the biggest problems home business owners face are that they:

  1. Are NOT making enough money
  2. Don’t have enough leads or people to talk to

Here is something else to consider: pretty much all sales of products or services are made between the 4th – 12th exposure of it. So, if you do not have a way to follow up with your prospects in a simple, professional, and effective manner, you are missing out on a boatload of sales.

If you fall into any of these categories, the Pure Leverage Marketing system can definitely help change that for you.  I’ll explain what this system is and why it’s different from so many of the other programs that are out there.

What is Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage is a complete Internet marketing system that allows new and experienced entrepreneurs to leverage the must-have tools of building a successful home based business….. all in ONE place.  And, with 100% commissions from marketing the system to others, it is a fantastic way to create another stream of income for yourself.

No matter what company you are in, whether traditional business or network marketing, this is a tool suite that can help just about anybody have success. Use it to promote your primary business, or to promote the Pure Leverage system itself.

Here are 10 Reasons Why The Pure Leverage Marketing System Can Help 

  1. Leadership– Joel Therien, Founder and CEO, is an exceptional leader, anJoel Therien photo 8-figure earner with 18 years of experience in the industry
  2. All-in-one suite –Absolute must-have tools if you are serious about making money in the home business industry…. And they are all in one place (by the way, Joel put $5 million into creating this marketing system.)
  1. Commissions– Ability to make 100% commissions
  2. Price – Any one of the tools themselves is worth more than the cost of the whole system. 


What is in the Pure Leverage Marketing System?
Reasons 5-10 are about the system itself


  1. Elite Coaching program– (rivals any $300-$500/mo program out there)
  • They will teach you what you need to know to build a successful home business, and have a guarantee that you can be in profit in less than 30 days.
  • Techniques that will have prospects calling you
  • Learn how to leverage your team to create predictable monthly income and residual income for life
  • Learn how to get multiple sign ups into your primary business each day, without picking up the phone
  • Learn what to say to prospects so you know you have the right people on your team
  1. Easy Lead Flow-Lead Capture and Auto Responder System- (rivals Aweber and GetResponse)
  • PureLeverage has put together what is unquestionably the best converting opt-in pages online
  • Build your list to 10,000 subscribers
  • Pre-written auto responder series written by ad copy specialists, designed specifically to get your prospects to know, like and trust you
  • Complete turnkey autoresponder system targeted for your primary MLM or direct response business
  • You don’t have to be a “techie” to put this together- just point and click
  • Professionally designed squeeze pages that convert as high as 50%!
  • Tracking system built-in so you can track your open rates, click-thru rates and conversions in one place
  1. Video Email Services (rivals Talkfusion and Iwowwe)
  • Stay in contact with your clients or team in a more personal way with video email
  • Professional custom-made video mail templates
  • Make a deep connection, stay in touch and build rapport with your prospects


  1. Authority Blog
  • The 2nd thing Joel used to build an 8-figure business is a blog, and Pure Leverage will build one for you
  • Your own personal and very professional authority blog and website
  • Blogging has created more millionaires than almost anything else online, and the team at Pure Leverage will teach you step by step how to become the leader and the authority with the leads you have generated with your lead capture system.
  • Your very own high converting blog and website designed to make you the leader and “go to” person in your primary business
  • Generate maximum conversions into leads, traffic and sales
  • Sleek, Professional, Done for You designs
  • Keep 100% profit
  1. Live Meeting Room (better and less expensive than GoToMeeting)
  • 100 seat Meeting Room
  • Push PowerPoint
  • Share your desktop
  • Engage Multiple speaker
  • Broadcast video and movies to your attendees
  • Take live on-the-spot polls
  • Compatible with ALL operating systems


  1. Turbo Traffic Generator (very low cost and viral)
  • The in-house marketing team, along with Joel, will show you step-by-step how and where to get the best quality traffic to your site
  • When you have traffic to your high converting lead capture pate, you will get and endless supply of qualified leads for your home based business
  • The best ways to increase your traffic NOW
  • How to generate low cost traffic
  • Using viral marketing to explode your traffic


Industry leaders are flocking to Pure Leverage, and the system is compatible with most other marketing systems out there, including Empower Network and My Lead System Pro (MLSP).  In fact, Joel Therien designed the system to complement, not compete with, programs like Empower Network and MLSP.

Here’s the deal: if you are in network marketing, Internet marketing or direct sales and you are serious about your business and making money, then you are going to want to find ways to build your list of people who you connect with. 

As Joel Therien says (as well as top industry leaders say) “the money is in the list.”  And it is so true.  

The people who make the most money in network marketing are those who have the biggest lists of people they stay in contact with.  So it’s critical that you start building your list, if you haven’t done so already.

If you are looking to create a large income, you have to have a big list of people you market to. As I said above, most people do not “buy” until the 4th– 12th exposure to something. So you have to find a way to stay in contact with your prospect and potential customers.

This system helps to put everything together for you.  And it’s all in one place.

Of course it is an unbelievable system, but it will only work if you actually implement the strategies taught. Don’t just sign up and expect the traffic to come flooding in to you. You will have to put work into it.

How to Make Money With the PureLeverage System

Joel Therien by car

Because PureLeverage was just launched on March 4, 2013, and because it has a fantastic offering of products that people can use for practically ANY business, we are expecting to see massive growth over the next few weeks, months and years. 

This opportunity will create many millionaires and many, many more thousand-aires in the next couple years.  If you are looking for another stream of income, PureLeverage is a simple way to achieve income.

How the Commissions in Pure Leverage Work: 

In a nutshell, you earn 100% commissions on everyone you personally enroll for their 1st month in the program and you also earn 50% commission on every month after that that they are part of Pure Leverage.

There is a 50% matching check bonus that the company pays out based on the sales of your downline. It occurs infinite levels deep and wide, so is extremely lucrative Talk about Leverage!!

When you click on the link below, you will see a video describing how it all works.

Cost of the program $24.95 per month for all the tools listed above.  That’s not $24.95 per tool; it’s $24.95 for everything!!!  The entire marketing system is worth over $500 per month.  But at Pure Leverage, you get it all for only $24.95. 

If you want to earn money by sharing this amazing system with others, then you will want to upgrade and get reseller’s rights, which is $19.97 per month on top of that.   Or you could do what I did, and that was upgrade to the VIP Elite program and earn 5 times the commissions, and that program is also described in the video.

If you are building a traditional network marketing business and someone says “no” to your opportunity, they may very likely say “yes” to Pure Leverage.  Especially if you are talking to other network marketers and they do not want to switch to your MLM, you can talk to them freely about the Pure Leverage system and earn more money that way.

Are you looking to FINALLY have success in your network marketing, Internet marketing or traditional business? If you are ready to take your business to the next level, you will want to take advantage of this Pure Leverage System.

We are here to help you achieve that success. 

Here are some questions for you:

  •   Are you coachable?
  •  Are you teachable?
  •  Are you willing to put some work in to get the results you desire?

If so, then click on the link below and get started with the Pure Leverage system. It is only $1 for a 7-day trial. Or, if you are like me, you can sign up for everything today, so that you can start earning commissions today. You could literally be in profit today! How cool is that?!



Once you sign up, give me a call directly and we will get you going with everything.


To your massive success!


Sarah Bailey






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