Is it More Effective to Market Your Products or Solutions?

Are you one of the thousands if not millions of Network Marketers that are pushing your products or business opportunity on your prospects? Well, of course, you say, isn’t that what we are supposed to be doing?

Well, no actually.

Here’s a little tip from Industry leader Mike Dillard, “Amateurs market PRODUCTS, while professionals market SOLUTIONS and EXPERTISE” which attract people toward them.

Let me ask you something, just how successful are you when you push your products and services on others, focusing solely on your products and business opportunity?  Probably not very.  If you are rushing into your business opportunity presentation without much more than a ‘Hi, how are you?’ you may find yourself being a part of the NFL Club.

And that is not the Nation Football League.

No, this one is called the “No Friends Left” Club.  You do NOT want to be there.

Here’s the thing: people love to buy, but they hate to be sold.  So how is it that you can turn things around and get people to come to you and want what YOU have? ….(Click on link below to read more….)

Let’s look at it like this. You are in your company that you are with right now. You know a lot about your products and how great they are. You may be totally excited about that and want to share with everyone.  In your mind, you are trying to get as many distributors as possible.

Ahhhh, but your prospect is not yet a distributor. Your prospect is still a prospect. Your prospect has a lot going on in his life. Maybe he can’t pay his bills right now. Maybe he’s working too much and doesn’t see his family as much as he wants to.  Maybe she wants a vacation but doesn’t have the money. Your prospect’s mind is on what s/he doesn’t have or does need.

So how do you go from prospect to distributor?

The key to that is right there in the above paragraph.  Let’s look at needs.

Your need = more distributors

Prospect’s need = more money, more free time, etc.

So do you really think it’s about your products, your vitamins, lotions, and whether your product has the best ingredient or the highest whatever that will get your prospect interested?

Here are 3 things you can do to have more success when talking to prospects:

  1. Ask questions and build rapport

Find something in common with your prospect and talk about that.  Find out what things are important to them.  Take a consultative approach when talking with your prospects.  It may take a bit more time but you will see your success ratio go up.  Go into your presentation with a mindset of “how can I help you?” rather than “I hope he will sign up”.  Make the conversation about THEM, not YOU.

  1. Find out their “why” for doing this business

In the course of conversation with people, you will need to get good at uncovering the layers and finding what their needs are and what is important to them. What their “Why” might be for joining your business. This is HUGE!

People buy based on emotions but justify with logic, so appeal to their emotions. Find their emotional reason why they would join your business. Remember your business opportunity is just a vehicle to help them get to their goals or to their “Why”.

  1. Offer a solution

By learning more about the prospect and their wants and needs, you can now tailor your business presentation for them.

For example, if you discover that they work crazy hours and don’t have much time with their family, you can show them how a home based business can over time, bring them to a position where they can work from home and have more time freedom.  Or maybe they reveal to you they really need cash right now, well if your company offers fast start bonuses or commissions when joining, they can get cash quickly into their pockets.

People join you not necessarily for your business opportunity or the products you sell, but because they see you as a leader and as someone who can help them get what they want.  By offering solutions and looking to the other person’s best interest you become a consultant.

You are positioning yourself as a leader.  And leaders attract followers. As Zig Ziglar has said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

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