How to Build Rapport with Your Prospects in Network Marketing for Maximum Results

How to Build Rapport with Your Prospects in Network Marketing for Maximum Results

building rapport prospect network marketingOne thing that will help you more than just about anything in your network marketing business is knowing how to build rapport with your prospects for maximum results.   If you cannot connect with your prospect, you will not be able to enroll him into your business.

 If you are enrolling fewer than 1 out of every 10-20 people you talk to, you are going to want to listen up. The best business builders know how to build rapport effectively when they are prospecting.  Doesn’t matter if it is cold market or warm market.

You have to know how to build rapport with prospects in both the warm and cold markets, meaning with people you know and people you don’t know.  People do business with those they know, like and trust.  If they like you, they are much more likely to join you in business.   If you are prospecting in the cold market, you will need to build up the trust factor and likeability factor if you want them to do business with you.

How to Build Rapport

If you can build rapport effectively, you can absolutely crush it in the home business industry.  There are a couple techniques you can use to make a better connection with your prospect and I will go over that with you right now.

 The main keys are:

  • Keep the focus on the prospect
  • Ask genuinely curious, detective-like questions

When I started making these 2 simple changes in my business, my prospecting results started turning around.  People started enrolling in my business, and I was having fun!! Even when making cold calls.

Keep in mind that whoever is asking the questions, is the person in control of the conversation, so make sure that is you.  To build rapport with your prospect, ask lots of questions to get to know them, but not only that, ask genuinely curious questions.  Think of it this way; if you were at a party or event and met someone you liked, think about the questions you’d ask to get to know them.

Good and “Better” Questions to Ask Your Prospects to Build Rapport

Here are some examples of good questions to build rapport and then questions you can follow up with to make them more curious and detective-like.

Asking about their job

Good question: what do you do for a living right now?

Going deeper:  How did you get into that line of work? What made you choose that job?  Did you have to get any special training to do that work? Out of all the jobs you’ve had, which one did you like the best?

Asking about where they live:

Good question: How long have you lived in Houston?build rapport network marketing prospect

Going deeper:  Were you born and raised in Houston? If you could live anywhere in the USA, would you still choose to live where you are now?

Asking about starting a home business:

Good question:  You told me the other day you were looking for extra ways to earn money.  I’m curious, what is it that has you open to taking a look right now?  (They will answer back with their “why” for joining you in business, which is HUGE! (When you know their “why” it makes your job of enrolling them so much easier.)

Going deeper: Then ask them more questions based on their answer. 

Taking a vacation:

Good question: Have you taken a vacation this year?

Going deeper: What are your top 3 spots where you’d like to travel someday? Why those places?

How much income are they looking for?

Good question:  What kind of monthly income are you looking to earn?

Going deeper:  What would ______ (amount they just told you) do for you?

The whole point of building rapport with your prospect is to build a better connection with them.  In doing so, you will uncover information about your prospect that will help you determine if they are right for your business.  After asking several questions, you might actually determine they are not qualified to work with you, and that’s okay!

Keep the spotlight on your prospect.  When you are asking them questions, it may be tempting to share your own experiences as well, but it is critical that you keep the focus on them.  They do not need to hear all about your family, what kind of jobs you’ve had in the past, where you’d like to travel and why and your business experience.  As you are asking them questions, they may naturally ask a question back to you. If this happens, you can answer them with a brief answer, but immediately ask them another question to keep the focus on them.

build rapport prospect spotlightPeople love to talk about themselves.  If you start talking about yourself or your experience, no matter how interesting you think it is, the prospect really doesn’t care.  When you take the spotlight off of your prospect and put it on you, you will start to lose their interest.  Keep it on them the whole time. Ask them questions and be interested in them to build rapport.  It’s more about them and their needs than it is about you.

You want to be authentic when talking to your prospects.  Ask them questions to really get to know them.  These conversations might go a little longer than what you are used to, but you will find you make a better connection with your prospect. They are real people and do not want to feel like they are part of a long list of names of people for you to call.  They are potential business partners and that relationship can last a very long time. Invest the small amount of time needed now to make sure you are connected with the right people for your business.

In an earlier post, I went over what questions to ask when calling leads. You can use some of these same questions when talking to people you know and people you meet when you are out and about.   Just expand on them, go deeper, and ask genuinely curious, detective-like questions, and you will be able to build rapport more effectively and become a rock star prospector before you know it!

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