Where to Find Free Network Marketing Leads: MLM Tips from 3 Top Industry Leaders: Ray Higdon, Jeffery Combs and Tom Challan

Where to Find Free Network Marketing Leads: MLM Tips from 3 Top Industry Leaders – Ray Higdon, Jeffery Combs and Tom Challan

mlm tipsOne of the biggest challenges network marketers face is where to find Network Marketing leads that they can talk to for their network marketing business.

Are you one of the millions of network marketers looking for Network Marketing leads for your business and don’t know where to find them? The simple hard truth is, is you don’t have enough people to talk to for your business, you won’t have a business for very long, at least not a profitable one.

As one of the world’s most successful business coaches, Jeffery Combs, says, “leads are a way of life.”  You simply have to have a way, or multiple ways, to find Network Marketing leads for your business in order for it to grow.  And the great thing is, these leads are everywhere.

Your main inventory in Network Marketing is not products, but people.   As my other business coach, Tom Challan, says, “You should have more prospects to talk to in a day, than time in the day to talk to them all.”  If you don’t find yourself in this situation, then it’s time to find more prospects.  And Tom should know, because in one year, he was able to recruit 500 people into his home business personally, mostly by calling people in the cold market.

So where do you find all these prospects?

The good news is that since people are your inventory in your business, you can find them everywhere.  And the even better news is that Ray Higdon, another network marketing industry leader, found that approximately 80% of people are dissatisfied with their jobs now, which means most may be open to looking at something new, like your business.

One of the fastest ways to success in any field, is to do what successful people have done before you, and model after them.  Here are combined recommendations from 3 of the top leaders in Network Marketing, Tom Challan, Ray Higdon and Jeffery Combs:

20 Ways You Can Generate FREE Network Marketing Leads

1-  Family and friends (but of course you knew this already)

2-  Facebook friends list  (and friends of friends)

3-  Facebook groups (like Tony Robbins, Jim Rohn, Robert Kiyosaki, groups that relate to your particular MLM niche, like weight loss, organics, travel, etc)

4-  Business cards on bulletin boards around town (coffee shops, deli, car wash, grocery store)

5-  Grocery carts- people are always advertising on those carts-

6-  Parents at kids sporting events

7-  Call local professionals in your area (Google search your city and professionals, realtors, mortgage brokers, financial planners, insurance salespeople- all of these people understand what it’s like to work on commission, and most of them understand residual income)

8- Craig’s List ads- be careful with how you advertise here those because the people at Craig’s List don’t want blatant MLM ads on their site

9- Networking events in your area (local Chamber of Commerce events, etc. Just Google “networking events in ___(your city name).”

10- Realtor signs in your area (call the name on the sign)

11- Fundraising or charity events (get to know people at these events. It’s not a time to be actively prospecting and recruiting them)

12- Trade shows (local home and garden show, bridal show, car show, etc)- the point is NOT to have a booth, but to go around and collect business cards from the vendors, then call them the next day

13- Meetup.com- go to this site and you can find hundreds of types of different groups that may meet in your area

14- Linked IN- this group is mostly made up of professionals, and the average income is way higher than that of people on Facebook

15- Bandit signs- this isn’t a free lead source, but you could place signs around town and say something like “make  $ ___/mo from home part-time” and put a phone number there

16- Twitter- (monitor other people’s tweets, and give out teasers of your own to spark interest)

17- Car lots- car salespeople work on commissions and are used to hustling for business. Show up there and strike up a conversation and see if they’re open to other ways of making money.

18- Local salespeople at stores you go to. If you are out and about anyway, you might as well make the best of it. Strike up a conversation with a salesperson, get their business card, find a need they have that your business could fill, but do not talk about your business at this point. Your goal is to get their card and then follow up in the next couple days.

19- Playgrounds- if you are with your kids at a playground, talk to other parents who are there with their kids

20- Church events- again, the purpose is to network, get to know people, find a need, but do not use these events as a way to prospect them AT the event. Get to know them at the event, then later have a conversation and see if there is an interest there

Think about this- an ideal way to find Network Marketing leads is to look for people who have business cards and people who are advertising, because these people are openly looking for more business and more money. You are just offering them an alternative to what they are currently doing. If someone puts a business card on a bulletin board to advertise their business, they are obviously looking for more business, right? They are looking for ways to make more money.  You can call them up and see if they are open to other ways of earning money besides what they are currently doing.

Special note when looking for Network Marketing leads:

Although you can generate Network Marketing leads practically anywhere, when you are at networking events, fundraisers, trade shows, church events, sporting events for kids, etc,…anywhere it’s a gathering of people, keep in mind, this is not the time to be actively prospecting these people and talking about your business.  It is simply to network with people, get to know them, ask them questions about their lives and their business.  After your conversation with them, you can discreetly write notes on the back of their business cards about the conversations you had with them. And then you call them the next day.

The most you should say to them in person about what you do is something like this, “I teach people how to make money from home.” Then immediately ask them a question about themselves.  Tom Challan would say to ask “genuinely curious, detective-like questions.”

And the most you should ask them in regards to qualifying them for your business at the networking event is, “would you be open to earning money part-time from home if you did not interfere with what you are currently doing?”


“We’re looking for people with your skills (name a couple things about that person specifically that you think would make them an asset to your team) in the expansion of our business here. Are you open to other ways of making money in addition to what you are doing now?”  If they say yes, say “great! I’ll give you a call in the next couple days. By the way,___” then change the topic and move onto something else.

Do not get stuck in a conversation about your business.

The other option at these events, is to just listen closely to what the other person is saying.  Continually ask questions to get to know them and look for holes in their life, where they are lacking or missing out on something that your network marketing business can help fulfill.  You can also read the article I wrote about What to Say at Networking Events

I hope this information has been helpful.  Please comment below and share this post.

Wishing you much success!

Sarah Bailey




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