MLM Recruiting Tips: The Power of Purpose

MLM Recruiting Tips: The Power of Purpose

MLM recruiting power of purposeYou want to get better at MLM recruiting, right?  Then realize that it is more than just the questions you are asking.  Of course you want to ask good questions in order to qualify your prospects for your business.  However, you could ask the best questions in the world, but if you don’t have your mind right, then the questions won’t matter.

One of the best MLM recruiting tips I can ever give you is this: before you talk to a single prospect on any given day, you have to get your mind in the right place.

Here are a few questions to get you started:

Why are you even growing a home business? (hint: it can’t be just about money, but it can be about what money can do for you)

  • What are your goals?
  • What is really important to you?
  • What is the big purpose for you in your business?
  • Then ask yourself, why my particular opportunity?

The deeper you dig for answers to those questions, and the more you take ownership of your answers, the easier your prospecting will be, and the more people will want to partner with you in business.

Got Purpose?

People want to join people who are purpose-driven and focused.  They do not want to join disorganized, scattered people who do not know what they want in life. Think of some of the top earners in the industry, who came from really bad and desperate situations, living out of their cars, two pennies to their name, and they overcame the challenges they faced. They set goals for themselves and went after their businesses with passion and purpose.

The people around them could sense that and wanted to join them.  They knew where they were going, and wanted others to join them on their mission.  And yet, if someone did not want to join their business, for whatever reason (could’ve been their own hangups), the leader wouldn’t freak out over it or cry over it or chase the people.  They were too busy following their passion that they didn’t have time to get caught up in people who said no.  They just moved onto the next person.

Maybe your true purpose is for you to be available to your kids anytime, purpose in mlm recruitingwithout having to get permission from a boss to stay home with them. Or that you want to be able to watch them grow up and be there for all their little and big moments.  Or maybe you want to live life on your own terms, pursuing your dreams, not working for someone else who is pursuing theirs. To be able to travel to specific locations, buy the house or car of your dreams. Think passionately about what you really want in life.  And have that burning desire in your heart to achieve it.

Coming Across Desperate Does Not Work

If you think you are being desperate in your MLM recruiting, you probably are.  When you “need” the sale, or need the prospect to join your team, they will sense it and pull back.  Act like one of the top leaders in your company or a leader you respect.  Do they chase their prospects? Probably not.  And yet, people are joining them all the time.

Why is that?  Part of the reason is because of the way they carry themselves. A top leader does not need any one person to join their business.

A key is to have an “engaged detachment” to the outcome, and as Jeffery Combs says, have a “relaxed intensity” when you are prospecting.  Your prospect will know you are focused on what you are doing and what you are looking for in business partners, yet you do not get all worked up about any one person joining you.

Another MLM Recruiting Tip

Wanna know a cure for not coming across desperate?  Have more people to talk to in a day, than you have time to get to all of them.  Have so many people to talk to that it is just a giant mess!  When you decide to finally take massive action, it will be messy, it will be chaos, it will be fun and you will get results. And you won’t have time to get hung up on people who say no.

When you are super purposeful in your MLM recruiting, it is extremely attractive to people.   Let your purpose, passion and reasons why you are in business be your drivers as you talk with prospects.   Let your prospects feel that they are part of something special, and part of a group that is going somewhere.  People do not want to feel left out. They want to be part of something.

The more important your reaching your goals are to you, the more passionately you will go after them.  And the more your prospects will see that.  And the more they will want to join you.
I hope this information has been helpful. Please comment below and share this post.

Wishing you much success!

Sarah Bailey




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