How to Overcome Overwhelm: Network Marketing Tips

How to Overcome Overwhelm: Network Marketing Tips

Overcome Overwhelm Network Marketing tips

Do you find yourself at times wondering how you can overcome that feeling of overwhelm in your network marketing business?  It usually comes about when you:

a) start to ramp things up in their business, or

b) waste too much time in your day on non-income producing activities (like Facebook, LinkedIn, email, and the other distractions that come with a home business, like extra trips to the refrigerator, laundry, dishes, talking to friends and family, walking the dog, etc)

c) are not having success and look to many other quick fixes and “shiny objects” to rescue you. 

The good news is, there are many great programs (marketing tools, social media programs, internet marketing programs) to help you build your business, get more traffic, get more free leads and traffic, improve your sponsoring ratio, build your team faster, connect with people better, close your prospects faster, and the list goes on and on.  The bad news is, there are so many of them, it’s hard to know where to start. 

Or you might start to use one, and then the feeling of overwhelm comes upon you and you give up on it before it has time to work, and you see another “shiny object” and buy that because you hope that program will be just what you need to have success.  Before you know it, you have several programs that you haven’t fully implemented, you’ve lost your focus, you are not having as much success as you wanted and you start to feel that overwhelm.

If you get that feeling of overwhelm in your business and not as productive as you want to be, then there is one key thing that will make all the difference in your business, and that is to improve your daily habits.

If you want to Overcome Overwhelm then put these steps into your daily routine: 

1.  Plan- Before you go to bed each night, plan out your next day.daily habits routine network marketing tips

Write it out (not just typing it on the computer).  Write down what you will be doing the next day for your business.  Make sure you block off time in your calendar to work your home business.  Block out the time you will dedicate to checking email (2 times per day, NOT throughout the day), Facebook (focused activity, not random, and not staring at the news feed for hours). About 70-80% of your time dedicated to business should be for income producing activities, like prospecting and following up with people.  One of the best ways to prevent that feeling of overwhelm is to block out the time you will be making prospecting calls, and be sure you do nothing else during that time frame.

2.  Mindset and personal growth– this is critical to the success in your home business. Read at least 15 minutes a day or listen to audio or watch video for your personal development.  If your mindset is not right, you will have very little success prospecting, so do not skip this step.  Ideally, work on your mindset as soon as possible after you wake up.  A few suggestions would be Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Zig Ziglar or Tony Robbins.

overcome overwhelm with exercise3. Exercise- spend 15-30 min per day exercising.   It raises the endorphins in your body and helps you to feel good and focus better.  You will be much more productive with the rest of your day if you spend 30 min exercising rather than an extra 30 min on other activities.  You could even combine your personal growth with you exercise and listen to a good audio. 

4.  Prospecting and following up– this will be the greatest income producing activity you can and should be doing each day to prevent overwhelm.  If nothing else gets done in the day, make sure you are connecting with people about your business and showing them your company presentation (either in person or sending them to video or audio, or however you share your business).  About 70-80% of the time you dedicate to growing your network marketing business should be spent prospecting and following up with your prospects.

5.  Meditation and/or prayer.  Take a few minutes each day, ideally in the morning, and more often as you wish, on sitting still and focusing on your breathing.  It will help to center yourself and be more productive throughout the day.  I also like to spend that time in prayer and focusing on God to help get my day going in the right direction.

6.  Marketing– if you are looking at getting better marketing your business by buying programs from other leaders, you can reduce overwhelm significantly if you just pick one strategy and master it for at least 6 months before moving onto the next thing.   There are many talented marketers and copywriters out there who will suck you in and having you buy many different programs.  Do not give into the temptation to keep buying things.   You don’t need all of that. 

Pick a strategy, put your blinders on and focus on it.  Do not become part of the SOS club (the shiny object syndrome club); I’ve been part of that group, just buying anything I thought would help me in my business and what I found was, it just made me more overwhelmed.   There are many talented marketers out there who will try to convince you that you need their programs, but you do not need all of them.

7. Afformations (similar to affirmations, with a little twist) – based on the recommendations by author Noah St John, you turn your affirmations into questions.  Your brain is programmed to answer questions you ask it.  For example, “why am I enrolling 3 people per week in my primary business?”  I wrote another article about afformations that goes into more detail, so check that out.

Final Network Marketing Tips

So the key to reducing or avoiding overwhelm in your network marketing business is in your daily habits.  Be consistent. Do this one day at a time, every single day.  By writing everything out at night before you go to sleep, it helps to relax your mind so you can sleep better.

             Remember this:
                      “If you fail to plan, you will plan to fail.”

Make sure your daily activities include prospecting.  By forming good habits around your business each day, the overwhelm feelings should subside.  It all comes down to good consistent daily habits to grow your network marketing business to the level you desire.


Wishing you much success!

Sarah Bailey




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