3 Keys to Network Marketing Success: Mindset, Skills and Habits

3 Keys to Network Marketing Success: Mindset, Skills and Habits

network marketing success keysYour success in your network marketing business will come down to three main components: your mindset, skills and habits.   And all 3 of them are critical to network marketing success.

You could have 2 of them, but not the other and still will have limited success.  While we could spend week discussing each one of these, we’ll just do a brief overview today and give you a few tips that will hopefully get you going in the right direction.


Your mindset is KEY to your success.  In fact, the results you are currently experiencing in your business are 90% related to your mindset.  The most successful people in any industry focus on having the right mindset, every single day.

Quick Tips for the Right Mindsetnetwork marketing success mindset

  1. Every day- spend 15 min to an hour developing your mind (video, audio or books on personal growth and development and mindset.) A few leaders you might want to follow are: Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Tony Robbins, and Zig Ziglar.
  2. Review your “why” and your goals for your business every day before you start your prospecting
  3. Get to the place where you have a burning desire to reach your goals. Your prospects will sense that when they talk to you. Dig deep enough into your “why” that you have that passion and burning desire.


To get good at your trade you must hone your skills.  And it will take practice.  Do not expect to be an expert your first week in business, or even if you’ve done nothing in your business for awhile but are now ready to take serious action.  This means that every day, you are working on growing your business. Model after those who have the success you want, and do what they do.  Look at people in your company who’ve built big teams, and do what they do. Contact them and ask them what they do.

Look for trainings with your company.  Look for other leaders in the industry and take part in trainings they have.

 network marketing success skillsQuick tips for skills

  1. Get into action- every single day
  2. Practice! Just know that the first 50 people or so you contact, you WILL mess up sometimes…and that’s OKAY! But you don’t get better until you practice and practice.
  3. Find trainings on prospecting, either through your company, or top trainers in the industry. One of the BEST trainers and recruiters in the WORLD is Tom Challan. (He did a video testimony for me on the right side of this page.  In one year, he personally enrolled 500 people into his business, mostly from the cold market.

    Here is a link to his training, which I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend.  Going through his coaching has made the single most beneficial effect in my own recruiting efforts.  He will teach you how to EFFORTLESSLY connect with your prospects, in a super simple, non-threatening, and yet, fun way.


The fall of many “would be” leaders will be in the failure to establish good consistent, daily habits.  You could have the best mindset and know all the skills needed to build a successful business, but if you don’t apply what you know with good daily habits, you will not see good results.

 Quick Tips for Good Habitsnetwork marketing success habits

  1. Every night before you go to bed, plan out your next day. Write in your calendar exactly when you will be working your network marketing business the next day. Mark it off in your calendar and stick to it.
  2. Each day, work your business in the hours you set aside last night to do so. Do not get distracted by anything. Act as if you were going to a traditional job, but know you are working on your own future.
  3. 60-80% of the time you set aside to do your business should be to do your prospecting calls, sending people to the presentation and following up and enrolling them in your business.
  4. Set aside only 15 min a couple times per day to check email. Do not look at it continuously throughout the day… it’s too distracting.
  5. Same with Facebook. Be intentional when you are on Facebook, make a few posts each day, comment on other people’s posts, and connect with people daily.
  6. If you are growing your business part-time looking for part-time income, then make it a goal to share your business with at least one person per day.  If you are looking for full-time income, then aim for 3-6 per day.
  7. Take it one day at a time.  Establish good habits, one-day-at-a-time. It will be much less overwhelming this way.

You can absolutely crush it and have network marketing success if you focus on mastering these three areas of mindset, skills and habits.  Every day work on developing these 3 areas.  Do a little bit, every single day.
Post a comment below and share the article if you found value in it.  If you are looking for help with sharpening your prospecting skills, again, I recommend you take a look at Tom Challan’s training:  https://priorityteam.infusionsoft.com/go/pthome/sbm

Wishing you much success!

Sarah Bailey




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    Thanks for sharing your thoughts about habits. Regards
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  2. Sarah Bailey August 1, 2015 at 8:48 am #

    You are welcome! Habits are something nearly all of us can improve on.

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