Developing the Power of Belief With Tips From David Schwartz Author of The Magic Of Thinking Big

Belief Magic of Thinking BIgHow BIG we think determines the size of our accomplishments.

The first step towards success is to believe in yourself. Without it, you have no chance of getting the results you want. After all, if YOU don’t believe in you, then why would anyone else believe in you? And the thing is, people can sense that about you. If you have a product to sell or a business to share with others and you don’t have the proper belief, your prospect/customer will sense that and shy away from you.

In Network Marketing and in Direct Sales, the most successful people have gone through a tremendous amount of personal growth, and a HUGE part of that centers around belief: belief in self, company, product, and the industry.

If you believe in yourself and your abilities, you are half-way there. The most successful people are likely not much different than you. They’ve either worked harder or longer than you have, and they have a strong level of belief. If you go to your company’s annual convention or even a local meeting, take a look around you. You will see that most people are even normal looking.

David Schwartz, author of “The Magic of Thinking Big,” says in his book there are 3 guides to acquiring and strengthening the Power of Belief:

1. Think SUCCESS, not failure. Substitute success thinking for failure thinking, which means positive and success-focused. For example, if an opportunity comes your way, think, “I can do it!” never “I can’t.” The thought of “I will succeed” should dominate your thinking process.

2. Remind yourself regularly that you are BETTER than you think you are. Successful people are not super heroes and they didn’t get there by sheer luck. They are regular people who have applied themselves and got to work.

3. Believe BIG. The size of your success is determined by the size of your belief. If you have small goals, then you can expect small results. If you think big goals you can win big success.

You may have heard a popular phrase, “doubt will take you out of action and action will take you out of doubt.” This is especially true in Network Marketing. Often a lack of belief in yourself can be remedied simply by getting into action. Start with small things; have success with small things and let them build upon each other and your confidence will begin to go up.

Another way to improve your belief is with personal growth and development. Read or listen to CDs or watch videos from leaders in your field. The more you develop yourself, the more belief you will have and the more success you will experience.

David Schwartz also says that “it is fun to feel yourself growing more confident, effective and successful day by day and month by month. Nothing in this life gives you more satisfaction than knowing you are on the road to success and achievement.”

Your thoughts will control your beliefs. Keep them positive and in check throughout the day, every day.

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