One Key Habit That Will Prevent Your Success in Network Marketing

One Key Habit That Will Prevent Success in Network Marketing

success in network marketing key habit preventWhy is it that so many people struggle to recruit more people into their network marketing businesses? The industry average is that the average distributor only recruits 2.4 people in their entire network marketing careers. That means only 2.4 distributors…ever.

So many people come into Network Marketing with hopes of fulfilling dreams, making the big bucks, retiring in 2 years, paying off credit card debt and living the “good life.” So why do so many people fail to do that?

For one reason, we tend to get stuck in our own heads. Our own thinking prevents us from achieving success in network marketing.   Most people do not have a success mindset. We could spend a week just on that topic alone.   In fact, here are a couple articles Right Mindset When Calling Prospects and this one on Mindset, Skills and Habits.

This article is more focused on another HUGE reason people do not have measurable success and that is failure to talk to enough people about their network marketing business.

What Most People Do

I see so many people complaining that they are not getting results.  So I ask them how many people are they contacting each day about their business?  How many people are they sharing their business with each week (by sharing the business I mean either doing a one on one presentation, group presentation or sending to your company’s video or audio presentation)?

You know what the usual response is?  They are just contacting a couple people per week, and doing 1 or less presentation per week.

Seriously? Seriously.

They have goals of $10,000/month within a year’s time, but the hard truth is that if they don’t talk to enough people, it’s never going to happen.  It’s going to take a heck of a lot more people watching the company presentation to get to that level of income.

How many people are YOU contacting per week? Per day? How many presentations are you doing per week or per day?

What is your goal?

It will take you getting serious about your business.  Finally. Make a decision.


Commit to it.  If you want to get to a goal of at least $10,000/mo or more (heck, even if your goal is $2,000/mo or more), you will have to treat your business more seriously.

Know Your Numbers

habits that prevent successThink about how many hours per week you have to dedicate to your business.  Let’s say you have 10 hours per week.  How much of those 10 hours are you actually working the business? Do you find yourself staring at the phone but then end up at the refrigerator?  (Hint: whatever is in the refrigerator will not help you recruit.)

How much of those 10 hours are you spending “getting ready to get ready”?

Look at it as a business, not a hobby. If you treat it like a hobby, you will get hobby income.  Treat it as a business. Plan out what you are going to do then do it.

Start With The End In Mind For Network Marketing Success

Think about what your reasonable financial goal is 12 months from now in your primary company.  Then think about how many distributors, on average, that it would require on your team to reach that goal.  If you don’t know, then ask someone in your Upline.   Consider how many people you will have to personally recruit into your business in the next 12 months.

Back it up to today.  How many new distributors do you need in 12 months?  How many per month?  How many per week?

Then figure out how many people you need to talk to in order to get those numbers. This is your Law of Averages. (See my separate blog post on Law of Averages).

Let’s say that for you to achieve your money goal in the next 12 months, you need to enroll one person per week into your business.  So how many people do you need to talk to each day to enroll one person per week?   Consider you own Law of Averages.  If, on average you enroll 1 person for every 10 people you send to the presentation, you will need to send 10 people to your company presentation every week, to be able to enroll one person per week.  If you enroll 1 out of 20, then you will need to send 20 people to your presentation each week.

Also figure out how many people you need to talk to initially in order to get them to the presentation, because, obviously, not everyone will be open to it.  If you are newer to the industry, you may have to talk to a whole bunch of people.

Step-by-Step How to Recruit More People in Network Marketing:

  1. steps to success in network marketingTake an honest look at your recruiting numbers right now
  2. Figure out what income level you want 12 months from now
  3. Evaluate how many distributors you commit to enrolling in the next 12 months
  4. Then figure out how many distributors you want to enroll per month and per week.
  5. Figure out your own Law of Averages– how many people do you need to talk to in order to enroll one person?
  6. If you don’t know your numbers yet, and you want to earn $5,000 – $10,000/mo, then make it a goal to send at least 1-3 people per day to your company presentation
  7. Talk to as many people as you need to in order to get 1-3 people/day to your presentation
  8. Take consistent daily actions-procrastination will kill your business
  9. For every 10 hours of working your business, 7-8 of them should be strictly prospecting, meaning sharing your business; and following up with people (not email, not training, not Facebook, not talking to team members, not collecting business cards)
  10. Invest in yourself every day with personal growth and development (minimum 15 min – 1 hr/d)

If you want any level of success in network marketing, it will take practice.  It will take you falling down, scraping your knees.  You will mess up, you will stumble, but if you want the results badly enough, then be willing to go through the growing pains of learning how to be a great prospector and enroller.

One of the simplest things you can do to have success in network marketing is to just talk to more people.  If you truly want the results, then you have to be willing to work for them. Commit to your success.  Realize you are more capable and talented than you think you are, and you can do more than you think you can do.
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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey




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