Are you Really Committed to Your Network Marketing Goals?

Are you Really Committed to Your Network Marketing Goals?

committment network marketing goalsPeople say they want to have success. They have big network marketing goals like paying off credit cards, traveling the world, sending their kids to college etc. They want to make $10,000 $50,000 per month or more, but are they really committed to go through the work, go through the obstacles, pain and personal growth that you need to go through in order to get results?

For most people, the answer is “no.”

So what’s the big difference? Why is it that some network marketers seem to attract people to their teams so effortlessly and yet you still struggle?  Why do so few people make it and most people don’t?

It comes down to a decision to have success no matter what. The people who are most successful in network marketing have actually made a “decision” to reach their goals. It’s not a casual passing thought.  It is an active decision at a moment in time when they made a conscious decision to stick with it no matter what, until they achieved their goals.

They have that passion and drive to move forward and you know they are going to do it whether you are with them or not. It’s that level of passion and conviction that when they talk to their prospects about business, people know they are serious and they are going to want to jump on board and do what they are doing. The prospects can actually feel their energy. 

They draw a line in the sand and say “enough is enough. I’m done being broke. I’m done not having results.  I’m done living the way I’ve been living. I was created for more in this life. I was created to “do” more in this life.  The laziness ends now. The fear, the doubt the worry, the self-sabotaging beliefs… it’s over.”

What it comes down to is a deep-in-your-gut decision and commitment that you feel burning inside you.  That no matter what, no matter what challenges come in your path, you WILL reach your goals. Your Upline partners cannot make that decision for you. They can’t feel that burning desire for you. You have to develop that yourself.

"network marketing goals"Your Upline leaders can give you the tools for success, and the steps to take the activities to do, to have success, but the desire and drive to achieve your network marketing goals, well, that has to come from you.

The more committed and passionate you are to your network marketing goals, the more people you will be able to recruit into your network marketing business.  But if you are half committed, they will not join you.

Here’s a secret for you reaching your Network Marketing Goals 

You don’t have to be a top enroller for your company for people to want to join you.  If you are new, you may think, ‘why would people join me? I’m new and haven’t recruited anybody yet’ or you think ‘I’ve only enrolled a couple people, who would join me if I haven’t had success yet?’
They will join you when they see your level of conviction and passion and that you are committed to reaching your goals no matter what.  And when they see you have a passion for helping them reach their network marketing goals and that you are the person who will help them get there, THAT’S going to be what people want to see from you.


It’s not that you already have to have a big team to be able to enroll people; it will happen because your prospects will see that you are committed to reaching your network marketing goals and helping them reach theirs. 


You may say you are committed, but are you FULLY committed? Your prospects will be able to sense your level of commitment, and that will impact their decision to join you in your business.  If you want success in network marketing, you have to become passionate about who you are, how committed you are, and where you are going.  Take a look around…the most successful marketers are also the most committed and most passionate.

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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey




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