5 Critical Questions When Interviewing MLM Leads

5 Critical Questions When Interviewing MLM Leads

mlm leads questions to askSo you bought a bunch of MLM leads and want to know key questions to ask them?  Calling purchased leads are just one way to grow your business.  Ideally, it’s best to be talking to 3-7 different lead sources (warm market, networking events, referrals, ads, business cards from bulletin boards at coffee shops, etc, are other examples of lead sources.) You should have more people to talk to in a day, than time in a day to get to all of them. And if you don’t have enough people to talk to, MLM leads are a great way to remedy that.

Most of the purchased MLM leads you call will not be qualified for your business. The will be tire-kickers just floating around the Internet casually looking for ways to make money, but are not serious about it. Keep in mind, that out of every 100 leads, only about 5 of them may be what you are looking for.

There are 5 Key Questions you will want to ask your prospects, and this is true not only for purchased MLM leads, but also people in your warm market, although the approach might be slightly different.  Think of these questions as your overall agenda when interviewing your leads.

5 Key Questions when Interviewing MLM Leads:

  1. Where are you now?
  2. Where do you want to be?
  3. How will it feel when you get there?
  4. What’s been stopping you?
  5. How serious are you?

Let’s look at each question more closely:
1. Where are you now?
You will ask them questions about where they are now in their life related to their job status, what they like or don’t like about it, and what kind of income they have.  Also, why they are looking for a home business?

2. Where do you want to be?
Find out what they would like to change, what their ideal situation would be, where they would be living, what kind of income they desire, what they’d be driving, what their house might look like, whether they’d be traveling and where, or charities they’d give to, and overall, how they’d be living differently than they are now.

3.  How will it feel when you get there?
This question is important, because people buy based on emotion and later justify with logic.  If you can get your MLM leads to feel what it feels like to have the lifestyle they dream about and to earn the type of money they really want, you are that much closer to closing the deal. You want them to “paint the picture” of the life they want to live. When their “Desire” for what they want is greater than the “pain” they are feeling now, then that is more than half the battle.

4.  What’s been stopping you?
We all have limiting beliefs about our abilities, and part of what we do as good sponsors or enrollers, is to help our MLM leads address and overcome them.  Just ask them, “what’s been holding you back from your goals and the life you want to live?”  This question will address the issues they are having currently or that they’ve had in the past. A current situation could be lack of money, loss of a job or a major life change (kids, divorce, moving, etc).

It’s very important that you put that pain in the past, because what you represent is the key to their future, to them getting what they want in life. So when you are asking them questions, you literally can say, “in the past…”  For example, let’s say you are talking to someone who’s been in MLM but hasn’t had any measurable success yet.  You can say something like “Joe, why do you think you did not have success in the past in your other network marketing companies?” You are helping to put their pain in the past, and show them a new starting point with you.

5.  How serious are you?
This question is a critical one, because if they are not serious, then you know not to waste too much of your time talking to them.  My success in prospecting took a positive turn when I started asking my MLM leads this question, “(name), how serious are you about starting a business from home?”  If they are serious, and they just verbalized it to you, then it also reaffirms their desires to move forward.

Connecting with Your MLM Leads

In general, when calling leads you will have an overall agenda, and the questions above will be a great start. It’s best to not work just from a script.  Have an idea of where you want the conversation to go. You want to know what their current situation is, why they are looking to work from home, what their goals are and how serious they are.

The conversation, on average, will be about 5-10 minutes long.  If you have a good connection with your prospect and are building good rapport, you may end up talking for 15-20 min.

After you ask these questions, you will send your qualified MLM leads to the next step, which is most likely a company presentation (video, audio, in person meeting) to show the plan. Set it up as soon as possible, for that day or the next day. When you follow up afterward, do it as soon as you can after they are finished with the presentation, preferably within a couple hours.

For information on what to say on the follow up call, go to this article.
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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey




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