How to Recruit Professionals into Your MLM: MLM Tips from Todd Falcone

How to Recruit Professionals into Your MLM: Tips from Todd Falcone

todd falcone how to recruit professionals into mlmIf you can learn how to recruit professionals into your MLM, you will have the potential to grow an extremely large team in your company.  Todd Falcone, Tom Challan and Ray Higdon are master recruiters; they’ve learned a very effective way of recruiting professionals, and they’ve got great MLM tips for you to build your business. And the great news is, it costs nothing to do so.


You can learn how to recruit professionals simply by tapping into the millions of professionals by doing an online search, reaching out to them and prospecting them.  You may literally, never have to pay for a lead again.

Don’t get me wrong, buying leads and calling them can be a great way to get your feet wet, learn the ropes and help you build your posture on the phone. But calling leads can be time consuming and 95% of the leads will be tire kickers who are not qualified for your business.

Here are some good MLM tips to build your business:

Professionals, on the other hand, will be way more qualified for your business than leads.  And if you are calling real estate professionals, sales people, mortgage professionals, financial planners and insurance agents, they are already used to hustling for business and working for commissions.  So the conversations with professionals is of a much higher caliber than calling leads, and in many cases, higher than even your warm market.

Below is a video and a written script on how to recruit professionals:

How to Recruit Professionals Online:

Here is a sample conversation for calling professionals, based on MLM tips I learned from my friend Todd Falcone on how to recruit professionals.  Realtors are a great group of people to call.  You can find millions of realtors online, simply by doing a Google search for them.  Let’s say you found a name of a Realtor and you call her up:

Rhonda Realtor: hello

You: Hi, Rhonda?

Rhonda: yes.

You: Hi, Rhonda. This is YOUR NAME, in YOUR CITY and STATE. How are you?

Rhonda: great, how can I help you?

You: Hi Rhonda… I was conducting a search on the internet for real estate professionals in THEIR CITY area and located you.  I own a company here in YOUR CITY and I am in the process of expanding some of my operations into THEIR STATE.  Anytime I move into a new area I personally talent scout top notch sales professionals for my business.  I have a very simple question for you.  Do you keep your options open for making money outside of what you are doing in real estate?

Rhonda will have 3 possible answers: yes, no, it depends.

Her answer doesn’t really matter because you are going to be contacting so many people, and if she’s not right for your business, you have hundreds (and thousands) of other people you could be calling.

If she says “yes”

You: great. (don’t sound overly excited. Just be professional about it).  Our next step is about a 10-15 minute conversation over the phone.  I’ll explain more about our company then, what we do and what we are looking for in business partners.  We’ll see if what we have is going to be a good fit for you and you for us.  How does either DATE at TIME or DATE at TIME look for you? (Just name a couple times in that week. You do not want to be “too” available.  Successful people have busy calendars.)

If she says “no”

You: no problem. I appreciate your honesty. Have a wonderful day.

If she says “it depends.”

You: depends on what?

Rhonda: it depends on what it is

You: I completely understand, and I would say the same thing, too.  Our next step is about a 10-15 minute conversation over the phone.  I’ll explain more about our company then, what we do and what we are looking for in business partners.  We’ll see if what we have is going to be a good fit for you and you for us.  How does either tomorrow at 10 am or Thursday at 3 pm look for you? (Just name a couple times in that week. You do not want to be “too” available. Successful people have busy calendars.)

or, you could say:

Rhonda, why don’t I do this? To be respectful of both of our time, I’d be happy to either drop some information off to you in the mail or send you an email which outlines my company in detail. Which would be better for you?

If she pushes and says: “What is it?” or “what’s the company?”

You: the name of the company is ______. Have you heard of it?

Her: no. What is it?

You:  Rhonda, to be honest with you, I would be doing a complete injustice to my company if I had to give you a 30-second pitch on it…much like it would be very ineffective for you to give an open house tour over the telephone.  If you are open to taking a look, I would be happy to either send you some information by email or set up a time to talk for about 15 minutes in the next few days to see if what we have would be a good fit for what you are looking for.  Which would be better for you?


For the most part though, if you show good posture, you won’t get many people pushing for details.  And remember also, that there are millions of people out there you can talk to, so don’t get hung up on any one person.

What I just showed you was an example of one conversation you can have with one Realtor.  There are also multiple scripts that will show you how to recruit professionals into your MLM from many other backgrounds, like: sales professionals, insurance agents, car salespeople, inside sales, outside sales, financial planners, mortgage professionals and many, many other areas of specialty.

mlm tips

If you want more scripts on how to recruit professionals, I highly recommend getting Todd Falcone’s Little Black Book of Scripts.   Much of your success will be in how you handle yourself on the phone with these professionals.  Realtors, especially, can be tough, and if you don’t have strong posture on the phone, they won’t be responsive, and you won’t get very far.  The tone of your voice, how you speak and how you carry yourself are critical as you learn how to recruit professionals.

How to recruit professionals into MLM todd falconeIf you want to learn how to master that, then you will want to get the audio course from Todd Falcone, called “Insiders Secrets to Recruiting Professionals.”  It will also help you to dive into the psychology of learning how to recruit professionals for your MLM, and be able to listen to the tone of voice when calling professionals, as Todd will show you. It is hands down, the best training course to recruiting outside of your warm market.

I don’t often make recommendations in my blogposts for specific products to buy, so when I do, it’s because I really believe the product or course may be of a great help to you as you build your business.

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