MLM Scripts for Recruiting Professionals into Your Network Marketing Business

MLM Scripts for Recruiting Professionals into Your Network Marketing Business

Recruiting Professionals in Netowrk Marketing MLM SCriptsRecruiting professionals into your network marketing business can be a game changer for your success in the industry, but you are not going to find a lot of MLM scripts out there to show you what to say to them before you direct them to your company presentation.

On a previous post I talked about how to go about finding professionals online through Google search and reaching out to them to see if they are open to taking a look at your network marketing business.  And I showed you how to set up an appointment with them either on the phone or in person to interview them and qualify them for your business.

In this post, I will give you MLM scripts for what to say to them when you call them up or meet with them for this initial appointment.   Your basic agenda is to discover whether they have the qualities you are looking for in a team member (remember, you don’t want just anyone) and to send them to your company presentation.

Start out by building rapport.  Now since you are recruiting professionals, you will want to keep your conversation shorter than you would with a typical lead or someone from your warm market.

Mindset is More Important Than Words When Recruiting Professionals

You have to have strong posture.  Keep in mind that it’s not the specific words that are most important.  Your mindset is.  You are the gatekeeper. You are the CEO of a multi-million dollar organization and you are looking for key people to join you in your enterprise.  Not everyone is right for you.  Think of Donald Trump or Bill Gates and how they might interview someone from their corporate team.  They wouldn’t be wimpy or weak.  They’d come from a position of strength and you can, too.

Here is how you can start the conversation:

Hello, (name). This is (your name).  How are you? (wait for response).  We spoke the other day about the expansion of our company in the  _______ area (name the area where they are).  I’d like to take the next 5-10 minutes or so to ask you some questions to see if you have the qualities of the people we are looking for, tell you a little bit about our company, and offer you the opportunity to ask questions as well.  Tell me, how long have you been in _______ (name the business they are in now)?   It’s important that you NOT pause after you tell them the reason for your call.  Ask a question immediately after.

Otherwise they will come at you with questions right away about “what is this all about?”  If this happens, you simply say to them “Great! Got a pen and paper handy?”  (Wait for response) “I’m going to ask you a few questions so I know the best information to direct you to.”  And then you start with your first question.

You will qualify them by asking them questions like this:

  1. So how long have you been in __________ ? (name their current business, for ex: real estate, insurance, sales.  And name the company if you know it)
  2. Have you always been with this company?
  3. What other kinds of work have you done?
  4. When I called you _______ (yesterday, the other day, etc), you said you were open to other ways of making money.  Just curious, what is it that has you open? (this will get to their “why” for joining you in business. Make sure you write this down because it is critical information for you later.
  5. What kind of monthly income are you looking to generate in addition to what you are doing now?
  6. What would $ ________ a month do for you? (say the amount they just told you. Their answer will go deeper into their “why” for joining you)
  7. How important is it to you that you are able to ____________ (name the things they just told you in number 6 above.)?
  8. How serious are you about making a change so that you can have these things you say you want?


Anytime they ask a question, give a short answer, but then turn around and ask them a question right away.  Whoever asks the questions is the one in control of the conversation, so make sure that is YOU.

Then you can go into a little bit about what you are looking for in people joining your team.  Name a few qualities of your ideal business partner and ask if they have those qualities.

Then you send them to the next step in your process, probably to a company presentation, (a local meeting, to an audio, to a video presentation, etc,) and set up the follow up appointment to talk to them after they’ve done that.  Whether you are recruiting professionals or anyone, you want the follow up time to be as soon as possible after they check out your company presentation, preferably within an hour.  Go here for tips on what to say on a FOLLOW UP CALL.

Couple words of advice when recruiting professionals: toughen up.

Not everyone will be nice to you on the phone.  Some will hang up on you, and most will not sign up with you.  But play to win.  Have strong posture.  Get in the game and treat it like a business.  Only a small percentage of people will actually follow through and watch your company’s presentation, so you will have to go through a lot of numbers.

What you lack in skill, make up in numbers.  You can have success with this method of recruiting professionals for your business.  Be consistent and diligent, and within a week or two, you will be amazed at how much better you got on the phone making dials and recruiting professionals for your network marketing business.

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Here’s to your success!

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