Get Fired Up About Your Network Marketing Business

Get Fired Up About Your Network Marketing Business

fired up network marketing businessI am fired up today and want you to get fired up about your network marketing business.  Are you one of the millions of people who are afraid to pick up the phone? Afraid to call people?

Don’t be the person who waits until tomorrow to make calls.  Or the next day or the next day.  TODAY is your day.  Today is the day you make a difference in your life and in the lives of the people you call.

It’s time to take the focus off of you, and you “getting” people into your business, and start putting the focus on the prospect and what his or her desires are.  It’s time to put aside the fear, the doubts, the worries and the self-sabotaging beliefs and get down to the business of building your network marketing business.

It is time to finally get fired UP about your network marketing business.  No more fooling around.   The time to make a difference in your life and in the lives of others is NOW.

Practically everyone wants more out of life than they are currently experiencing. Your job is to go out and find out what that is and then show them how you  can help them get what they want.  It’s not really about your company.  It’s not about the products.

Your prospect does not care about your company or products so stop throwing up on them verbally about those things.   What they do care about is their ability to pay their mortgage, their rent, their credit cards, college tuition, retirement and a whole list of things.

Why do YOU have a Network Marketing Business?

Think about why it is that you are in your network marketing business in the first place.  It’s not because of the company you are in or the products you sell, right?  It’s about what a successful business will do for you; it could be to earn a few hundred dollars extra per month or several thousand dollars per month.  Maybe you are looking to pay off credit cards or send your kids to college, save for retirement or go on some really cool vacations.

You have a network marketing business because of a change you want to make, right?  So get fired up about that.  Call people.  Find out what they are fired up about and show them how by partnering up with you, they can create a change too!

It’s not about you. It’s about your prospect and what they are missing in their lives that your network marketing business can help them achieve.

Get to the things your prospects care about. Talk about that. Almost everyone wants change of some kind in their lives. YOU have a vehicle, your business, that can help them get to that change.  Get passionate about THAT!!!

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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey




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