Stop Talking about Your Network Marketing Business When Prospecting: MLM Tips

Stop Talking about Your Network Marketing Business When Prospecting: MLM Tips

MLM Prospecting tipsIf you are struggling to enroll people in your network marketing business, here’s a suggestion: STOP talking about your company and your products while you are prospecting.

Huh???? On the surface, it may not make any sense at all, but in fact, that is EXACTLY what I mean.

If you want success in your network marketing business, you have to stop talking about your business when prospecting.

Yes, you read that correctly.

If you are in a network marketing business and you are struggling to build your team, consider this:

You are probably pushing your business or your products too much on people.

The truth is, until your prospect is enrolled in the business with you, he or she will not have the same passion for the products and your company that you do.  It’s very difficult to transfer your excitement and energy onto someone else who knows precious little about what you do.

MLM Tips for Prospecting

Consider your prospects and where they are coming from.  What is their life like right now? What are they concerned about?  What are their needs?  Are they looking for ways to pay their bills? Get out of debt?  Pay for kids’ college?  Travel?  Maybe they are just looking for ways to put food on the table or shoes on their kids’ feet.

They don’t care about your business or your super juice or your high end skin care that comes from the Dead Sea or some remote place or that your product that has an ingredient from a tree bark that can only be found in a special pine tree from the south of France. They don’t care.

So when you show up on their doorstep or give them a call and tell them how great your business is, they really don’t care and they probably won’t join you.  So stop pushing your business on them.

Here’s the Secret to Exploding Your Network Marketing Business

Get to their heart.

Get to what they care about.

Ask them questions about themselves and put the spotlight on them, not you.

Find out what kind of income they are looking for and why.

Paint the picture for them of what their lives would be like if they could be, do or have what they desire most in life.  If you really want to help them, then show them how your business will get them there.

It’s not so much about your business, but what your business can help them achieve in their lives.

As Maya Angelou says, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”  It is completely true.  It sounds froofy and fluffy and mushy and sentimental.  However, if you want to start finally having success in network marketing, and start to enroll people on a regular basis, it’s going to come when you get to their hearts, and their desires and their passions.

Find out what their needs are and meet them there.  Allow your passion to help them have success to shine through.


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