Go Pro Book by Eric Worre: MLM Success Tips

MLM Success Tips from Eric Worre in Go Pro Book

MLM Tips Go Pro Eric WorreEric Worre gives fantastic Network Marketing tips in his new book, Go Pro.  And for those who follow his advice, they will reap many rewards in their businesses.  One of the big problems we have in the MLM industry is that so many people treat it as a hobby.  They don’t take it seriously, and they quit the moment there’s a little bit of rejection, or someone says, “oh, you’re in one of THOSE things” without a complete understanding of what one of “those things” really is.

Many people come into network marketing because they want to make a lot of money and fast, but they don’t take a lot of time to learn the business or the industry.   They come into the profession, thinking they are going to get lucky, just sit back and wait for the money to come rolling in.  And it really doesn’t work that way.


They haven’t truly started a business, because they aren’t treating it that seriously. So when they go to a few friends or acquaintances to try to get them to join, usually nothing happens.  They haven’t developed the skills or habits to actually earn any money.  They might get lucky initially, but when they don’t know what they are doing, it won’t last.

And they might have lost some friendships in the process, because they didn’t know how to approach people in the right way, professionally, without chasing them and verbally throwing up all over them.

If more people were willing to treat their businesses as professionals, we’d have a heck of a lot more successful people in the industry.  And that’s where the book, Go Pro, by Eric Worre comes in.

How Eric Worre Suggests You Go Pro

So in Eric Worre’s book, he talks about how important it is to Go Pro; that is to become a professional.  Focus on developing your skills and habits as a professional. It takes skills, and to develop the skills, it takes practice, lots of practice.

To get good at anything, whether it’s basketball, swimming, writing, pottery, whatever….. it takes practice, and it takes following in the footsteps of others who’ve had the success you want. You want to get good at basketball? Then don’t watch someone who’s good at sewing. Watch people good at basketball. You want to get good at network marketing? Then watch successful network marketers. Study what they do.

Treat your business as a business.  Don’t just squeeze it in when it’s convenient for you.   According to Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers, it takes about 10,000 hours to get proficient at anything.
So for you to talk to just a few people and struggle, you’ve probably logged only a couple hours out of the 10,000.  It just doesn’t make sense to give up.

MLM success tips Eric Worre Go ProEric Worre cuts to the chase in this book.  He gets right down to the details of what works and what doesn’t work to grow a successful business.  He doesn’t spend much time on theory or history; he gets right to the point and provides many simple scripts for what to say to prospects.

He talks about how to connect with prospects in a way that isn’t weird.  Why do so many of us get weird and uncomfortable when we talk to people about network marketing? It doesn’t have to be that way, but it usually happens when we are focused on getting what we want (someone else in the business) instead of what the prospect’s needs are (more money, more free time, etc).

You can order the book right on his site http://networkmarketingpro.com.  I don’t make a dime off the book; that’s not why I’m recommending it. I recommend Go Pro because it is the simplest, most common sense book out there about network marketing.

He’ll teach you 7 Skills in Go Pro that cover how to find, invite, present, follow-up with and get prospects started as customers or distributors.   And he includes a bunch of super easy-to-follow scripts that anyone can say or master.

When you really “commit” to your business, and treat it as a professional, like Eric Worre outlines, you will see your business grow to a whole new level.  Get the book Go Pro. You will be glad you did.


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