MLM Objections: The One That Your Prospects Will Never Tell You

MLM Objections: The One That Your Prospects Will Never Tell You

network marketing business,mlm objectionWhile there are many MLM objections your prospects may throw at you for your network marketing business, the number one objection is one they will probably never even tell you about.  Out of all the MLM objections you could possibly face, this is one of the most important ones. It is “Can I really do this? Can I get my money back?”

Your prospects may be embarrassed to bring it up, so they will come up with other MLM objections instead, or other reasons why they don’t want to join you or your company.  Most people who are evaluating home businesses have never had network marketing experience before, so they will be unsure of themselves. They will be relying on your leadership abilities to help them have success.

If you feel like you are not a strong leader yet, then rely on the leadership of your team.  But, what’s also equally important is your commitment to your goals and where you are going. Your passion (or lack of it) will be evident to your prospect and your passion for success and your sheer determination may be exactly what they need to put them over the top and say yes to your business.

People want to join people who are going somewhere.  But if you are wishy washy and uncertain of yourself, they will probably say no to your opportunity, or at least with you.

Without even knowing it, your prospects can pick up on how you are feeling about the whole situation, your confidence in prospecting.  If you are nervous and unsure of yourself, your prospect will be able to sense that.  It’s the vibes you are sending to the person, whether you are aware of it or not.  So before you even get on the phone with your prospects, make sure you are in the right state of mind. 

And because your network marketing prospects will rarely, if ever, come right out and say to you “Can I really do this? Can I get my money back?” it’s up to you to address it (either subtly or directly) and help them feel comfortable enough with you and your leadership that you are able to overcome that objection.

How to Overcome the most silent of all MLM Objections

1-    Paint the picture

2-    Show them how simple your business is

3-    Have strong posture

It is super-critical that you help your prospect paint the picture of what they are (Google Image- paint pic) looking for in life.  What is it they are looking to achieve by having a network marketing business?  What is their “Why” for having a home business? Get as detailed as possible with them. If they say one of their reasons is that they want to travel, then find out where they want to travel, what will they do when they get there, who will they be traveling with, what time of year would they go, what kind of place would they be staying in, would they be doing indoor or outdoor activities, are they the active, hiking type and like outdoor things like hiking, kayaking, swimming, hanging out at a beach type person, or would their travels take them somewhere more historical and where they would check out museums and castles?

Do you get it? You are helping them paint a vivid picture of what they want in life.

So it’s not so much about making  “X” amount of money, but rather what they would do with the money that’s important.  So you help them paint the picture, and then you want to show them how your business can help them get what they want.

Second, show them how simple our business model really is.  In it’s most basic form, across almost all network marketing companies: we connect with people, we share a simple company presentation (video, audio, in person, etc), and we get them enroll them as customers or business partners.  That’s it.  We tend to overcomplicate things, so don’t.

And third,  strong posture.  It’s not just how you stand when you talk to someone. It’s more of an attitude. It’s not cocky or arrogant.  It’s about having confidence when you are talking to someone about your network marketing business.  The confidence of knowing you are with a good company, you have a good team, good leadership, good products, and that you are someone that people will want to partner up with.

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