How to Get Unstuck in Your Network Marketing Business

How to Get Unstuck in Your Network Marketing Business

feeling stuck in your network marketing businessIf you want to get unstuck in your network marketing business and you are not recruiting or enrolling anyone lately, you are not alone.  I’m guessing there are millions in your same shoes, and I’ve been there myself, many times.

There are a few things that you can do to get unstuck.  A couple of them are so obvious, that you may even wonder why I would list them…. But sometimes, you just got to let the obvious smack you in the face a little bit.

A great majority of people are stuck simply because they are not taking enough action.  They are not talking to enough people.  How many people have you talked to about your business in the last 24 hours?  If it’s less than 5, heck even less than 3, there’s a big part of your answer.

When you don’t talk to enough people, you will start to feel fear and doubt.  And then you will tend to chase and get clingy with the few people that you do talk to, and that will only lead to the NFL club… the No Friends Left club… and no one wants to be there.

There’s a famous saying (but I don’t know who said it), that “doubt will take you out of action, but action will take you out of doubt.”  Often the simplest solution to getting unstuck in your network marketing business is to simply talk to more people.  Make it a goal to talk to at least 5-10 people per day about your home business.

Other ways to get Unstuck:

–      Make a solid commitment to your business. No more of the “I’ll try it for awhile and see how it goes.”   When you are solid in your commitment to growing your network marketing business, your prospects will be able to sense this, and they will be more likely to join you

–       Study personal growth and development every day for at least 15 – 60 min/day (books, audio, video

–       ABP- Always Be Prospecting

–       Find more people to talk to

–       Set aside time every day (5 days/wk, if possible) for your network marketing business, and don’t let anything distract you during that time

–       During this time, spend 60-80% of the time on active prospecting (collecting business cards does not count, posting on Facebook does not count. What does count is actually qualifying people for your business and sending them to your company presentation, either video, audio or an in person meeting)

–       Increase your belief level (in yourself, your products, your company, your industry)

–       Give yourself an honest evaluation of how you speak with your prospects when you are qualifying them for your business:

  • Do you talk too much?
  • Do you keep the spotlight on your prospect? (that’s the goal)
  • Do you have weak or strong posture?
  • Are you having fun when talking to your prospects? (people will be more likely to join you if you are)

–       Stop procrastinating, and just get into action.

It’s easier to go fast in this industry, than to go slow.  If you are only talking to a handful of prospects each week, it’s no wonder you are feeling stuck.  You’ve probably heard this hundreds of times, but I’ll say it again….take massive action.

People like to join people who are going somewhere, who are taking action.  They like to be part of a movement.  If you are not on a team where this is happening, then you can make it start with you.  Get passionate about what you are doing.  Get fired up about where you are going in your business. It can’t all be about the money.  Figure out what it is that the money will bring you or bring to others through you.

When you can dig deep inside you and really get to the heart of why you are in the network marketing industry, and you can see how it can change lives, that may be the main driver that will get you unstuck.  Network marketing is a very powerful industry for those who embrace it.  It’s not just about products or making a few hundred bucks per month, although that is fine for some people.  It’s about changing people’s lives.

  • It’s through network marketing that you can truly create the life that you desire. You don’t have to depend on what a boss thinks you are worth in terms of pay. You call the shots. You earn the money that you want to earn.  But it’s going to take work, not only on your business, but on yourself.

But equally or more important is consistent daily action!!!

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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey




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