Network Marketing Is Simple, So Why Overcomplicate It?

Network Marketing Is Simple, So Why Overcomplicate It?

network marketing is simple don't complicateNetwork Marketing is a very simple profession, yet so many people tend to overcomplicate it.

We do 3 simple things: we talk to people, we share information with them, and we start them either as customers or business partners. That’s it.

Of course there are some other behind the scenes things that will help as your team grows and you start duplicating. 

That’s why it’s important to be plugged into a good team to help you increase your chances of success even more, (for example with a team site, training calls, team calls, etc).


The core of network marketing is so simple, it often gets overlooked, because it gets buried under people’s hang-ups as they try to grow their business.

What happens is that people get caught up in fear, doubt, worry and self-sabotaging beliefs about their abilities.  When people get started in network marketing and they are not properly trained and hear a few people say “no” to their opportunity, they get disappointed.

Then because they are afraid people will say no, they stop recruiting. So people procrastinate for fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of success, or worrying about what other people think, or a multitude of other reasons.


Once you can break free of those hang-ups and let go of that, and put the focus on helping the prospect rather than focus on “getting” people in your business, then prospecting and recruiting can be very simple and enjoyable.  Take the spotlight off of you and put it on your prospect.  Help your prospect get what they want in life, and you can do that by sharing your business with them.

But the only way you will be able to help them is to let go of the fears, doubts and worries, and just talk to them.  Help them. Get to know them. Ask them questions. Find out their needs, and then show them how your business can make a difference in their lives.

How to Make Network Marketing Simple

At the core of what we do in network marketing are 3 simple things:
1.  Talk to people (connect with people on the phone, online, in person)

2.  Share information with them (company presentation, audio, video, in person)

3.  Start them as customers or business partners or get referrals from them

Once you realize that your business can truly help people, and you don’t get attached to the outcomes, and you come back to the simple core of what we do, prospecting can become very simple and effortless.
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