How to Talk to Your Warm Market About Your Network Marketing Business

How to Talk to Your Warm Market About Your Network Marketing Business

network marketing business,warm marketDo you know how to talk to people in your warm market about your network marketing business without scaring them off?  Although there is great excitement and intrigue when new people join network marketing, when it comes time to talk to people in their warm market (people they know), they get tongue-tied and don’t know what to say.  Or maybe this has happened to you: you talk to a bunch of people, they all said no, or some of them won’t return your calls and you want to know what to do next.

There is definitely an art form to being able to talk to your warm market (people you know) about your network marketing business and still be friends with them.

There are many ways to build your business, and you can do that with people you know(warm market) or people you don’t know (cold market).  By far, most network marketing businesses have grown the mostly through connections people have in their warm market, not cold market.  The simple truth is that people like to do business with those they know and like and trust.

Warm Market Scripts

Example 1:

Hi (name), this is (your name), how’s it going?  Great! Listen, I only have a second. The reason I’m calling is because I just started a new business and we are looking for a few high quality people to join us.  I thought of you right away, because you ______________(edify them). It may or may not be for you; either way is fine with me. But it would mean a lot to me if you check out what I’m doing. Can you help me out?” 

Example 2:

Hi ________, how are you doing?  Listen, I only have a minute. I just started my own business from home and we are expanding in _______ (name the state they live in).  We are looking for people who might want to join us and I thought of you right away because you _______.  It may or may not be a good fit for you, but it would really mean a lot to me to check out what I’m doing.  And if it’s not for you, then no big deal, you might know someone who is looking for something like this.

Can you help me out?


After they say yes, you are either going to arrange to meet with them in person to show them the business plan or you are going to send them a link to watch a video presentation.  Arrange for whatever they can get to first.

For Video

When they say “yes”, say “Great, I’m going to send you a link to watch a video overview of the company and what it’s all about.  What’s your best email address?”
When they give it to you, say “Okay, great. The video is only ___ min long- When do you think you could look at it today or tomorrow?”
When they tell you, tell them you will call them back around the time they’ll be done watching it to check back with them and be able to answer any questions they might have. (By the way, if you are brand new to your company, don’t feel like you have to know all the answers from the beginning. Lean on your sponsor or Upline business partners to help you out.)

For In-person Presentation

network marketing business,warm marketIf you decide you are going to meet with them in person to see the business plan, say something like, “Great! What does your schedule look like on ______ or ______? (name a couple days, not too far out from the time of the conversation). Then arrange a time and let them know how long you will expect the appointment to be. Then say something like, “Okay, ____(name). I am writing this down in my calendar.  I will meet you at ____ (time) on ______ (date).  If something should come up that you are not able to meet me at this time, please call me in advance and let me know so that I can put someone else in that time slot. Fair enough?”

Here are a couple theories about whether to meet someone in person or to send them a video.

         1.- if you meet in person, you are more likely to close the sale, because they can look you in the eyes, and you can look at their nonverbal cues. They might also get a chance to sample a couple of products.

         2. The disadvantage to meeting in person, is the extra time it takes to prepare to go meet the person, drive over there, hope they show up, then meet, then drive back home

         3. In the time that you go to meet someone in person, you could have just as easily sent 5 or 6 people to the video.

         4. You will probably close a higher percentage of people, by meeting them in person, but you can get through more people by sending them to video.

network marketing business warm marketKey Notes:

  • Be short on the phone.  Do not draw it out and puke all over them.  You are not on the phone to explain the business plan.  You are simply on the phone to book the appointment.
  • Be prepared with dates that you are available ahead of time.
  • When they commit to sit down and they ask you, “when were you thinking?”  Do not respond with, “I’m totally open, anytime!”  You just got done explaining how fast your business is growing and how busy you are, now you have all the free time in the world?  Give the prospect two dates and times and then work the time from the date they choose.
  • Have posture.  This is something that can only be learned with practice and time.  The stronger you are on the phone, the more solid the appointment. 
  • When calling to confirm the day before the appointment do not ask, “Are we still good for tomorrow?”  This gives them the ability to back out and reschedule or cancel all together.  When I call to confirm appointment I might say, “Hey Jim, cleared my schedule, got some material together and am really excited for tomorrow.  I’ll see you at _________.  See you tomorrow!”  I do not give them the ability to back out with strong posture.
  • Have fun and laugh at yourself.  If this is the hardest thing we ever do in our life we are pretty lucky! 

To achieve any level of success with your network marketing business, it’s going to take talking to hundreds of people.  You just gotta connect with the people who are ready to receive it, and the only way you will know, is if you connect with more people.
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