10 Reasons Why People Aren’t Signing Up With You- Network Marketing Tips

10 Reasons Why People Aren’t Signing Up with You – Network Marketing Tips

network marketing tips why people aren't signing upIf people are not signing up with you in your network marketing business, there’s a reason.  You already know ahead of time that not everyone will sign up with you. That’s just the way that it goes.  But if you are talking to 20, 50, 100 people, it’s time you step back for a few minutes or a couple hours and re-evaluate what you are doing. I’m not saying give up on network marketing.  What I’m saying is to fine tune what you are doing.  You are very likely called to this industry for a reason.  One of the biggest things we do here is to help transform lives. 


The business model is very simple: we connect with people, we share information with them, and then we enroll them. That’s it.  But it’s not always easy because the 6 inches between our two ears gets in the way.  And when we can refine our way of thinking, get over some issues from our past, we find this is a very transformational industry. It goes much deeper than just making money. It may start out that way.

But when the going gets tough, and it will, allow yourself to be refined in order to become the leader you are called to be.  Learn to push through the obstacles that will certainly come up. Sometimes you think you are doing everything right, but then people aren’t signing up and you don’t know why.  Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

Here are 10 Reasons Why People May Not Be Enrolling with You:

  1. You talk too much and you don’t know it. You are going on and on with too much information about your products, your company, your compensation plan, etc.
  2. You aren’t listening- this goes hand-in-hand with #1.  Listen to the cues that your prospect gives you, about their needs, what their goals are and what they are looking for.
  3. Spotlight is on you- the focus should never be on you. In fact, you should be doing very little of the talking. Keep the spotlight on the prospect by asking him or her questions. Be curious about them.  If the prospect asks you a question, answer it, but turn it around with another question for your prospect.  Let your third party tools (video, company presentation, materials, audios, etc. do the talking for you).
  4. You sell too much
  5. You get emotionally sidetracked- you let you past issues hold you back. The fear, doubt and worry creep in and you get sidetracked.
  6. Poor posture- if you come to your prospect weak, timid and fearful, they most likely won’t want to join you. People want to join people who carry themselves with confidence and know where they are going. Your prospect is evaluating whether you are the leader who can help them get what they want in life. If you are not a leader yet, then lean on the success of other business partners on your team or in the company.
  7. You are too desperate – your prospect can smell your desperation a mile away. Remember that your success is not dependent on any ONE person signing up in your business.  And your biggest builder on your team is probably someone you haven’t even met yet.  Have a relaxed intensity about you.  You can also call it an engaged detachment from your prospect, where you are not attached to the outcomes.  We are simply sifting and sorting, looking for the right people. Don’t get hung up on whether they decide to join or not.
  8. You get too clingy- this happens when you are not talking to enough people, so you tend to cling to them, just hoping they will enroll with you in your network marketing business.  Then you keep calling them and calling them, or every time you run into them, you have this look in your eyes, that even if you don’t say anything about the business, they know you are thinking about it, which will make them even less likely want to join you.
  9. You are not talking to enough people.  When you don’t talk to enough people, you get more clingy and desperate.  So the solution is to have more people to talk to, than time in the day to get to them all.
  10. Not a strong enough “Why.”  Success in this business takes passion. It takes knowing why you are in the business.


Video: 10 Reasons Why People Aren’t Signing Up in Your Network Marketing Business



Change your thinking.  When you believe and change your way of thinking of calling people with fear in your heart, to ‘you are enrolling with me,’ you will have more people enroll with you. Talk to more people; have more people to talk to in a day than you have time in a day to get to them all.  Remember, it’s a sifting and sorting business, looking for the right people to join you, so don’t get hung up on any one person’s response to your opportunity.  Change your posture to one of confidence (not cockiness) that you know where you are going, you are passionate about it, and you will keep moving forward until you get there. 

Get really good at the basics; Talk, Share, Start. Then when your new people ask you what to do, you say, do what I do, and that’s talk, share, start.   One of the keys to enrolling- is to just keep talking to people. Build your pipeline up enough that you, at any one given time, have 10-20 people who’ve already said yes to joining your business, but they need to do just one little thing, like check with spouse, or get paid in a few days, or review just a little more info.  You will know your business is picking up when you are at this point.  Work on personal growth and development every single day.

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