Calling Leads for Network Marketing- Is It Worth It? (Part 1)

Calling Leads for Network Marketing -Is It Worth It?

calling leads for network marketing business- is it worth itShould you really be calling leads for your network marketing business? Is it worth the time and money? You will hear different answers from different people, but I will tell you absolutely, positively, yes!  But the reasons I give you may be different than what others say.

Who Should Be Calling Leads?

If you are new to the network marketing industry, or you’ve been around for awhile and you are not yet seeing the results you’ve been hoping for, then calling leads may be a great idea for you. But if you already have a giant team and you can recruit “at will” you probably don’t need this prospecting method.

And calling leads should not be your ONLY method of prospecting. At any one given time, it’s best to be talking to people from 3-7 lead sources. For example, warm market, calling professionals, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, networking events, meeting people out and about, placing ads, etc.  And ideally, make it a goal to have more people to talk to in a day than you have time to get to them all.  In other words, have more leads than time.

A problem so many people run into is that they call less than 10 people in a week for their business.  Now what happens is, that if any one of those people say “no” to the business, then each ‘no’ carries with it more weight (and stress) than if you had a list of 200 people to call and one of them says ‘no’.  Their ‘no’ doesn’t matter because there are simply too many people to call to get worked up about it.

Three good reasons for calling leads:

  1. To get practice prospecting
  2. To have more people to talk to than time in a day to get to them all
  3. To build your confidence and posture which will help your prospecting across all your lead sources, especially with your warm market

The first 2 are self-explanatory. The 3rd one, though, is where calling leads may help you the most in your network marketing business.  When you call leads, you have to go in with the expectation that 90-95% of the people are not qualified for your business.  And you will get beat up a little bit on the phone- people will hang up on you, not all the phone numbers are working numbers, and some people are rude and others will challenge you.

But after you go through 300-500 leads I can almost guarantee you, you will feel more confident when talking to people in your warm market and in other areas as well. You will be able to see more clearly just what kind of people you actually DO want in your business. There are a few good people for every batch of 100 that you call.  But the bigger benefit than even enrolling a lead into your business, is the confidence and posture you will get as a result.

Video: Calling Leads for Network Marketing 

There are a few places where you can buy leads.  I’ve used a few different sources, but the one I like best is this one.  The prices are very good. Do not waste your money on the more expensive leads, especially if you do not have any practice calling them. That would be a waste of money. You will get the most bang for your buck, buying aged leads. And the aged leads from this group are only about 3-30 days old. When they send it to you, open it up in a “CSV” file, so that it looks like an Excel spreadsheet and you can type in your notes right on that sheet.

Best Time to Be Calling Leads

It used to be around the dinner hour, but not so much anymore.  The best time to call is when YOU can set aside time to make your calls. Do it according to your schedule.  There will be enough people available for you to have 2-4 decent conversations per hour.  That’s the goal.  But keep the time frame to 9 am – 9 pm in the time zone you are calling.  A good website to use to find area codes is

Stay tuned for Part 2:  “What to Say When Calling Leads.”

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