Calling Leads- Is It Really Worth It? (Part 2) | Network Marketing Tips

Calling Leads- Is It Really Worth It? (Part 2) Network Marketing Tips

network marketing calling leadsIn my last blogpost I wrote about whether it was really worth it to be calling leads for your network marketing business, and the answer is a resounding YES! And one of the main reasons for that is that it will help you build your confidence and posture as you talk to other sources of leads for your business, such as your warm market (people you know), and local professionals, meeting people out and about, networking events, placing ads, etc.

In today’s article, I will share with you what questions to ask when calling leads.Keep in mind, that half the battle is won with your posture and confidence on the phone with leads. Remember, this is your business, you are the CEO and you are looking for the most qualified people to join your team.   It’s not worth it to recruit just “anybody,” so don’t waste too much time on tire kickers. You are looking for qualified people who are ready now.

Another thing to remember, is that the leads you are calling aren’t just numbers; they are people, people with souls who are looking for more out of life. Of course, you will come across people who are rude, who say they never filled out a form online, who are looking for a job, not a business, etc.  And you will come across bad or wrong numbers, but don’t let any of this trip you up.

Keep moving. You are looking for the right people, and the right people ARE out there. You just have to be consistent enough to find them.

Video: Calling Leads- What to Say

Here’s a list of questions you can ask when calling leads for your network marketing business, and keep in mind, you can go deeper into conversation based on answers to any of them.  Ask genuinely curious, detective-like questions to get to know them a little bit more.  Show an interest in them, especially if they appear to be qualified.

Here’s how you start the conversation: when the person answers the phone, if it’s the same sex of the person you are calling, then assume it’s the person you are calling.

They answer: hello

You: Hi (name)?

Them: yes

You: Hi, it’s (your first and last name), from (your city and state). How are you today?
Them: they respond

You: (their name), you may not recognize my name, but you responded to one of our ads online this past week (or name the time-frame they would have answered the ad, like yesterday, a couple weeks ago, etc.) about working from home. Were you looking for something part-time or full-time?

Other questions to ask when calling leads:

– Are you interested in a job or becoming an Independent Business Owner, where you control your hours you work and your income level?

– What do you currently do for a living?

– How long have you been doing that?

– What other kind of work experience do you have?

– Out of all the jobs you’ve had, which did you like best and why?

– What is it that has you looking online to work from home? (dig deeper with this question)

– What kind of income are you looking for each month?

– What would that do for you?

– How important is it to you that you are able to earn ____ dollars each month so that you can _____ (list some of the things they just told you)?

– Provided you qualify to work with us, how much time would you be willing to invest in a business venture?

Then you say, “the next step is to have you watch a ____ minute video about our company. The video will also show you how you’ll be able to earn the ____ dollars a month you said you wanted to earn. Write down any questions you have, and I’ll answer them for you when I call you back.  How soon either today or tomorrow can you take a look at that video?”

Get their response, then set up a time to call them back right after they watch the video, preferably within an hour.  Set the follow-up appointment with them: “(name), I am writing down our appointment time in my calendar.  I will give you a call back ____ (day) at ____ (time).  Is there any reason at all that you may not be able to be there for that appointment?”

They respond.

You: Great.  If something comes up that you are not able to make that time, will you do me the professional courtesy of calling me in advance to let me know? That way I can put someone else in that time slot.  Fair enough?

They answer.

After that, follow up with them with the script outlined in the “4 Simple Steps of the Follow Up Call.”

I’ve called leads from many different lead groups, and the best one I’ve found so far, with the best pricing, and the highest quality of leads is from  I don’t recommend buying expensive leads. You can get a great set of leads for 20-35 cents each; don’t feel like you need to spend more than $1 per lead, especially if you are new to calling leads.  

You are doing this to get practice, to build posture and to build confidence when talking to people about your network marketing business. Of course, when you talk to leads who are qualified, you want to have the confidence and posture that you will be enrolling them.
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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey




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