How to Define Your Why to Have Success in Home Business

How to Define Your Why to Have Success in Home Business

define your why for network marketing businessDo you know exactly “Why” you are in your home business? The true answer will likely be very different than why you would take a traditional job.  Unlike a traditional job where you just go in and do your work and go home and get paid for it, having a home business will force you to take a closer look at why you are even in business to begin with, and whether you have the tenacity to stick with it.

When most people enter the network marketing or home business arena, the driving force is usually to make a certain amount of money each month.  But what often happens is that when they run up against a few obstacles (like people saying no to their opportunity, or people questioning why they even have a home business), most people quit. They’d rather give up and go back to not earning what they said they wanted to earn, than to face the obstacles ahead of them.

When you know the deeper reason of why you are in network marketing, and you can connect with that, it will help you handle the obstacles and objections that will certainly come up as you build your business.

I encourage you to study these questions carefully.  Spend some time on them. The more detailed you get and the more descriptive you are, the easier it will be to handle things when they start to get tough as you build your home business.

Define YOUR “Why”:

  • Why are you in network marketing or in a home business?
  • How much money do you want to earn each month?
  • What would this amount of money do for you?
  • Why do you want to achieve these things?
  • How important is it to you that you be able to earn that amount of money, to do those things you said you wanted to do?
  • Dig deeper: why is your “Why” your “Why”?


Once you get that answer, dig deeper again: Why is your “why” is your “why” your “Why”?

The goal is to get to a “Why that makes you cry.” (And this statement will not make sense to someone who’s not an entrepreneur.)

Video: How to Define Your Why For Your Network Marketing Business

For example: you might say that your “Why” is to earn $10,000/month.  Okay. Why that amount?

You might say it will help you pay your bills, pay off your credit card, and be able to cut down your hours at work to part-time so you could be home with your kids more.

When you dig deeper into that, and ask yourself, ‘why do you want to pay off your credit cards and be home more with your kids?”  Well, your answer might be that you hate having to owe anybody anything. And you want to be there for your kids’ first moments.

Dig deeper again- why is it important to be home for your kids’ first moments? And your answer might be that both of your parents worked many hours and didn’t get to see you grow up, and you are determined that that won’t happen with your kids. That you are not about to let a babysitter or anyone else steal those moments that you will never, ever be able to get back.

define your why for your network working businessYou already remember one moment where you missed your 6 year old’s soccer game where he got the winning goal. And your son tears in his eyes when he told you about it when you got home from work; he was sad that you weren’t there. THAT might be your “Real” why.  So that YOU can be there for your kids’ first moments….not a replacement or substitute for you.

Some other questions to ask to Define Your Why

  • What do you love?
  • What do you hate?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you want to make sure will happen in your life?
  • What do you want to make sure will never happen in your life?
  • What drives you?

It takes passion, more than skills.  The passion and the WHY will more than make up for a lack in skill set.  But a good skill set by itself, will not overpower a lack of drive and determination. When people KNOW and can sense that you are going somewhere, they will want to join you.  Defining your WHY will help you to get this passion.

When your prospects know you are coming from a position of trying to help them, not “get them” into your business, you will start to see more results.  When you figure out how to help them with their needs, wants and desires, and to figure out their why, the more likely to join you.

When you define your why very clearly and vividly, it will help you to push through the obstacles that will definitely come your way. Because you know there is a greater reason why you are here in this industry. You are called to do more and to be more; you are not called to be held back by other people’s opinions and other people’s reasons why they cannot join you. Because you have a strong “why” you can let go of any objections people give you. It simply doesn’t matter, because you know where you are going and you are looking for the right people to join you.

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