6 Strategies Set Goals and Get Goals in 2014

6 Strategies to Set Goals and Get Goals in 2014

strategies to set goals for network marketingAs 2014 gets off to a start it’s important to not only set goals, but put things in place to get the goals you are going for this year.  

Did you know that only about 8% of people who come up with New Year’s Resolutions actually follow through with them by the year’s end? Here are 6 simple strategies to actually achieve your goals and be part of the 8%.

Video: 6 Strategies to Set Goals and Get Goals in 2014

6 strategies

1.  Set achievable goals that are measurable and reasonable.  It won’t help you if your goals are too vague.

            Bad = I want to grow my network marketing team this year
            Good =  I will grow my team by 24 people this year, by enrolling a minimum of 2 people personally each month

2.    Believe – it’s imperative that you actually believe you can achieve your goals.  If you don’t you simply won’t achieve them.  You have to know that you know that you know, that you can achieve them.

3.  Create your Vision – who do you want to become once you’ve achieved your goals? And what benefit is there when you do? And what’s the benefit of the benefit? Spend some time on this one and really think it through. This tip comes from Ray Higdon, one of the industry leaders in network marketing, and it’s a great piece of advice.  And what will you “feel” like when you’ve achieved your vision and your goals?

Dr. Michael Beckwith says, “let the pain push you until the vision pulls you” towards your goals and dreams.

4.  Game plan– having goals and a vision is great and all, but in order for them to work out, you’ve got to have a plan for how you will achieve your goals.  For example, let’s say you want to personally enroll 24 people this year, which, by the way, is completely do-able for anyone reading this article. That’s only 2 people per month.

Figure out what your ratio is, meaning, how many people do you need to get your plan in front of, in order for you to enroll one new business partner?  If you don’t know your ratio, then start keeping track of the number of business presentations you do each day and each week, and note the number of people enrolling with you.

5.  Be accountable – find an accountability partner that you can touch base with each day for 5-15 minutes to review what you’ve done in the previous 24 hours and what you have planned coming up.  Or join or start an accountability group that has a conference call weekly and have people report in their numbers. 

I’ve created a tracking form for the people on my team who are in my accountability group. We track number of hours prospecting, number of dials, number of people shown the business plan, number of new business partners, number of new customers, number minutes spent on personal growth.  And each person is to record their numbers on a daily basis.

6.  Establish new habits – for you to reach a new level in your business, it will require a different version of you.  This is a big deal. You cannot get where you want to go if you stay the same person, with the same habits you have now.  How do you form a new habit? One day at a time.  

Perhaps you realize that to meet your new goals, you will have to prospect 90 minutes a day, 5 days a week.  If it seems like a tall order, then just focus on doing it today.  Then when tomorrow comes, do the same thing, focus on doing it for just that day, and keep doing it until it becomes a habit.

Your vision is what will pull you out of bed each day and establish the necessary habits to achieve your goals for this year.  Only 8% of people ever keep their New Year’s resolutions.  I imagine a big part of the 92% never put their goals in writing, nor do they create a “vision” for what and  who they will become by the end of the year because they achieve their goals.

Will you be part of that 8%?

It’s not that you just “want” to achieve your goals, or even if you “intend” to achieve them, but are you “Committed”?  Come hell or high water, are you committed to achieving your goals? Because when you are in a mental state where you will not be denied, then THAT is when the magic starts to happen. You are fully committed to your cause. Your prospects feel it, your teammates feel it, and you will start implementing the actions necessary to achieve your goals. It is “Go” time.

We hear so often to “go after your dreams,” so that means to take action – you don’t just keep dreaming. You take action!

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