Lessons Learned From Cancer Treatments and How They May Help You in Life and Business

Lessons Learned From Cancer Treatments: And How They May Help You in Life and Business

lessons learned from cancer treatmentsSomehow, some way, you likely have a connection to cancer, and whether you believe it or not, there are lessons to be learned from cancer treatments. And these lessons may just help you, too, in trials you go through in business and in life.

I recently came out of my doctor’s office with the great news that there is no more evidence of cancer in my neck, and it’s unlikely it will ever come back.  Yippee!

The purpose of the blogpost is not to talk about good health results but instead, a few lessons I learned from going through cancer treatments and how they might help you.   Whether the trials you are going through or have gone through are related to cancer, or another health issue, or maybe something with relationships you have or work or business trials, the things I learned might assist you.

The first lesson is that there are always lessons to be learned as we go through different trials or obstacles in our lives.  Instead of questioning “why me?” ask yourself two other questions:

  • “Why not me?”
  • “What can I learn from this experience?”

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Personally for me, I learned a very important lesson about being “present” in different situations, especially with family.  I learned to be more present with my husband and kids when I was with them and to truly appreciate them, and not be stressed out about the work that I wasn’t doing when I was with them.  To look them in the eyes when they are talking to me instead of listening to them while I might be texting a business partner. 

And to also be more present in business when working on my business, not stressing out about not being with my family.  By keeping the focus on family when with family, and on business when working business, it’s helping me to engage more intensely during those times. Life is too short to miss out on the little things.

So for you, think about your priorities. Are you taking time each day with the things or the people that matter most to you in this world?  Be present and engaged in whatever situation you are in.

Second lesson- dealing with fears and other people’s opinions of me.   In most cases, fear can be very harmful to you and robs you from living a full, rich life.  I’ve dealt with fear of rejection, fear of failure, fear of others not liking me or approving of me.  Being afraid is a huge waste of time and energy. Do not give into it. Take chances. Don’t worry about what other’s think. Life is too short to worry about that.

I have, and you have, way too many things to do and experience on this earth to be caught up in worrying about what others think, and to be afraid of taking chances. 

If you are in sales or in business and are afraid to pick up the phone, get over yourself. There are way too many people who are actually hoping you (or someone) WILL call them, because they are looking for your products or services, or they are looking for other ways to make money from home and your fear of calling them not only hurts you but hurts them as well.

lessons learned from cancer treatmentThe third lesson I learned about going through treatments is that these obstacles and trials are likely here to refine you and possibly redirect your path. You may learn lessons through a trial that you would never have learned otherwise. But it took you actually having an experience that brings you to your knees to learn the lesson.

Don’t let the obstacle or trial stop you from where you are headed in life. You may be going through it to learn a few things and to be refined further, and it will result in a better outcome.  Learn from the trial and let it mold you to be the person you were created to be.

Don’t give up. This may be your time to step up! Do NOT complain about the trial; learn from it. Celebrate your life and everything you’ve been given. 

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  1. henry July 14, 2014 at 3:07 pm #

    very informative article. it is important that we learn how to deal with fears in a way that makes sense.
    henry recently posted…CANCER AND PESTICIDES.My Profile

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