What to Do When People Say No to Your Home Business

What to Do When People Say No to Your Home Business

when people say no to your network marketing businessIt’s not always easy to digest when people say no to your home business, especially when you are just starting out in the network marketing profession. 

You get started with your company and you are all excited about it, and you just “know” that some of your friends and family would be great at it.  But then when you share it with them, they say they are not interested.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • When someone says “no” they are saying no to the opportunity, not YOU personally
  • It’s very possible the timing is just not right
  • Only about 5% of the population is very entrepreneurial
  • Most people will say no the first time they hear about your opportunity, so proper follow-up is key.

If you are at all serious about building your home business then it’s important to know that over the course of time, you will talk to hundreds and hundreds of people.  You don’t need everyone to join, just a few good people.

The right people will say yes at the right time.  The people who say yes will surprise you and the people who say no will shock you.

Video: When People Say No to Your Home Business

Not everyone will say yes to you right now, and that’s okay.  It’s how you handle the people who say no that’s important. Do not chase them. You have to have the attitude that some will, some won’t, so what? Who’s next?  It’s a sifting and sorting business; you are looking for the people that will be the right fit.

Even though most will say no, you don’t want to go into it expecting everyone to say no.  In fact, you have to have such a strong conviction about your company, your products, and where you are going with your business that your prospects can “feel” that from you to the point where you expect them to say yes, but you still do not get attached to the outcome.  It’s called engaged detachment.

You have to get to the point that when someone says no to your home business it doesn’t bother you.  If they say no, ask for the referral.  Without skipping a beat, you could say to the person, “I can appreciate what you are saying, and that our company is not a good fit for you. Who do you know who wouldn’t mind earning a few hundred to a few thousand bucks extra each month?”

If they say no, but you like the person and would like them to partner up with you in business in the future, then ask them if it would be okay to keep in touch with them from time to time about the business.  If they agree, then every month or so, let them know of either a new product, or new business partners that you or your team brings in, how the company is growing, etc.

When They Don’t Show Up for the Follow-up Call

Sometimes, you might share the business with someone and they don’t show up for the follow up call.  When this happens you can leave one or two messages, but then drop it after that. You can even say on your second message something like this, “Hey (name), it’s (your name) calling again to follow up with you about (your company).  Since you weren’t there for our scheduled call and you haven’t called me back yet, I’m assuming you are not interested in learning more about our company and how you can earn that  $_____ you said you were looking to generate.  If I’m wrong, then give me a call back today or tomorrow. I don’t chase people in this business, so if I don’t hear back from you, I will go ahead and close out your file.”

Then be done with it! If it’s someone you know and you run into them, you don’t have to talk about it.  Change the topic. They are not right for your business, at least not right now.

If you keep calling them over and over to follow up with them, they may never join you.  The key is to be casual about it. If it’s someone you know, like a friend or family member, peer or co-worker, then just drop the topic of your business.  Talk about other things. Move on with your relationship with that person, meaning, talk about other things, not the business.

Look at it this way: let’s say you saw a good movie, so you recommended it to a friend. They saw the movie but they didn’t like it as much as you did.  You’re not going to keep talking to them about the movie and all the cool parts of it over and over and over again, are you? Are you?  Of course not. You move on and talk about other things, like kids, the weather, work, politics, whatever. You don’t keep talking about the movie!  So don’t do it with your network marketing business.

If the person you shared your network marketing business is a connection on Facebook, then comment on some of their posts occasionally.  Stay in touch that way.  If you market your business correctly on Facebook, (meaning you aren’t constantly talking about your business and products, etc) then they will see what you are doing and may reach out to you later.

The key thing to remember with all of this is that you will talk to lots and lots and lots of people as you build your network marketing business, so any one “no” you hear will not really matter.  If you think someone would be great in the business and they are not interested, then let it go and talk to someone else about the business.  If you don’t chase them, they may come back to you later when they see you having success.

One of the best ways to make sure you don’t chase people is to have more people to talk to than time in the day to get to them all…. In other words, more leads than time.  If you have way too many people to talk to, you won’t get too attached to anyone because you will be too busy getting in touch with everyone else. If you want to learn more about how to find people to talk to, read THIS ARTICLE.

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