Why Prospects Don’t Show Up for Your Follow Up Call in Your Home Business

Why Prospects Don’t Show Up for Your Follow Up Call in Your Home Business

why prospects don't show up on follow up callThere are many reasons why prospects won’t show up for your follow-up call for your home business, but I will go over a few of the most common ones here.

First of all, know that 90% of your likelihood of enrolling someone into your business happens on your first call with them, especially if you are talking to leads or people you don’t know that well. 

3 of the Top Reasons Why They Are a No Show:

  • Not building strong enough rapport
  • Not learning enough about their pain
  • Not painting a picture for them or helping them create a vision for what life would be like if they achieved their goals with a home business.

As you know, people like to do business with those they know, like and trust. If you are talking to someone in your cold market (someone you don’t know well or at all), then you will have to build a strong rapport with them on the first call if you want them to go to the next step.  You do this by asking good, detective-like genuinely curious questions. Click HERE if you want to take a look at some of those questions.

You want to dig into their pain a little bit, too. Tony Robbins says that an undisturbed prospect will never buy. That means, if the pain isn’t bad enough, they won’t join you or buy from you.  This is someone’s “why” for joining you. It could be they are behind on their bills, want to pay off credit cards, or be home for their kids more, or they want to stop the long commute to and from work, they want to travel, pay for kids’ college tuition, etc.   Dig deeper with questions for them about this, because unless they have pain, they won’t change.

Video: Why Prospects Are a No Show for the Follow-up Call

The third reason they may not show up is that you didn’t help them with their vision for their future when they reach their end goals.  The better you are at painting the picture for them of what life will be like if they achieve their goals, and that they see you as the vehicle to get there, the more likely they will be there for the follow-up call and join you in business.

What Voicemail to Leave if They Are a No-Show for Follow-up call

Is it good to leave a voicemail message if someone doesn’t show up for the appointment? Absolutely! Most people have caller ID on their phones, so they will see your number anyway.

Here is one thing you can say:
Hi  (name). This is  (your name), calling you at __(scheduled time). We had a scheduled time to talk right now. I hope everything is okay, because I don’t think you would miss this appointment intentionally.   I’d like to answer questions you might have about our business.  If you are serious about earning the $____ you said you wanted to earn so that you could ___________(name a couple things they told you they wanted to do with the money they earned, that they told you on the first call), then give me a call back either by the end of the day today or the end of the day tomorrow.  My number is _______. Have a great day!”

Then, if they still don’t call you back, then you can call them one more time, but wait a couple days to do it. When you call them back you can say something like this:
“Hi (name), this is (your name) calling again. I left you a voicemail a couple days ago and haven’t heard back from you yet. I thought I would reach out to you one more time and see what questions you might have.  Again, we are only looking for people who are serious about creating change in their lives, and if that is you, then give me a call back.  I do not chase people, so you will not hear from me again. Frankly, we have too many people who are interested in joining us for me to keep calling people back. If you are serious, then give me a call directly, at ____ (your number).  Have a wonderful day.”

After you leave the second message, then be done with it for that person! Cross them off your list. Do not chase them. It’s not worth it and you don’t need it.  It will also make you look desperate and they will definitely not want to join you then.

So to get more people to show up for your follow up calls, get better at building rapport, qualifying them, and digging into their pain and also their vision for the future.

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    Fantastic article! Do you have a newsletter or mailing list?

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