Is It Better to Build Slow or Fast in Your Network Marketing Business?

Is It Better to Build Slow or Fast in Network Marketing Business?

slow or fast in network marketing businessAs network marketers, we’ve been told many different things about how to build our businesses and there’s not always one right answer.   And many ask whether it’s better to build slow or fast to achieve success.

On the one hand, many trainers say it’s better to build slow and steady, so you don’t get burned out and want to quit altogether.  But that’s often what happens.  When you build slowly, it’s difficult to build any type of momentum.  And if you can’t build momentum, then it’s hard to get people to join.

I had an “A-Ha” moment today when I was outside in the snow.   Take a look at this video to see what I mean.

So the point is, if you see a little bit of flurries outside, it’s not going to amount to much.  It’s when the snow comes down hard, that’s where you get the accumulation. Same thing in your network marketing business.  A few flurries of prospects (like talking to 1-3 people per week) will not amount to much business growth. Look at it this way; if you talk to 3 people per week and 1 of those will watch your company presentation, that’s only 1 presentation per week. If you are able to enroll one out of 10 people, that mean you will enroll 1 person every 10 weeks, or 2.5 months (4.8 people per year) which is not very much at all.

It’s when you take massive action that you are going to see results.  If you do 1 presentation per day (5 days/wk), and can enroll 1 out of 10, then you are enrolling 1 every 2 weeks (26 people per year). Let’s say you double that, and do 2 presentations per day (5 days/wk), now you are enrolling 1 per week (52 per year). Now you’re in business!!

When you take massive action (a snowstorm of activity), your prospects will sense it and want to be part of it.  If your business just trickles along, well, who wants to be part of that? Not many.

Even if you have only one hour a day to work your business, be incredibly focused and purposeful when you make your calls.  Be quick on the phone. Don’t waste your time with unqualified prospects. Get to the point with people.  Remember, you are sifting and sorting, looking for the right people to join you.  The more eyes you get on your presentation, and the more quickly you do that, the more success you will have.

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