What Voicemail to Leave When Calling Leads for Network Marketing

What Voicemail to Leave When Calling Leads for Network Marketing

voicemail to leave calling leads network marketingA question I often get is when you are calling leads for their network marketing business is “do you leave a voicemail and if so, what kind of message should you leave?” If you spend any amount of time calling leads, you know you are dealing with a whole bunch of tire kickers, most of whom, don’t even answer the phone when you call.  

You want to be very protective of the time you spend with each prospect; you don’t want to waste your time with the wrong people.  Seconds count. By the time you wait for the person’s voice mail to pop up, you wait for the message to finish, wait for the computer prompt if they have one, and then leave your message, that could be at least a minute per person, for someone who may or may not call you back and is most likely not even qualified for your business. 

Every time you wait for the beep to leave a message, it sets you further back from the time you are able to reach a live person who is actively seeking a business opportunity you have with your network marketing company. 

But there are a few instances where you might want to go ahead and leave a message.  The only time you really want to leave a voicemail message is when the prospect leaves a compelling enough voicemail of their own.  For example, if you are calling leads and their voicemail is a computer-generated voice, then do not leave a message.  You are looking for people who are professional enough to actually take the time to create a professional voicemail.

Voicemail for Calling Leads in Network Marketing

If they do have a voice message, listen for their tone of voice and the overall energy from their voice.  If they sound either outgoing, professional, friendly or have the tone of someone you’d normally hang out with, then you might want to leave a message.  But if they are low energy, unprofessional or they seem like they’ve got a little too much attitude, then don’t bother.

You might find, however, that you get as many people calling you back when you don’t leave a message as when you do leave a message.  Do a little testing yourself, with either leaving a message or not and see how many calls you get back. If you do not leave a message, but you like the sound of the person’s voice on their voicemail, make a note of it so you can call them back again the next day.

3 Different Voicemails You Can Leave

(Again, test them to see which will give you the best response).


“Hey ______ (name), this is ________ (your first name) getting back to you with the information you requested.  It’s important you get back to me by the end of the day today. You can reach me directly at ________________.”

Example #2

“Hey ________ (name), this is ______ (your first name). It’s important you get back to me right away.”

Example #3

“Hey this is ________ getting back to you with info you requested about working from home.  You’re going to receive multiple calls from different people different companies.  We are not the same.  What’s important when you start a home-based business is to align yourself with a winning team and a winning leader and you’ll find that with me.  So if you are serious not curious call me back right away at _________.”

This third example comes from my friend, and one of the top recruiters in the network marketing industry, Brian Cook, who calls hundreds of leads daily.  He knows what he’s talking about and what works and what doesn’t work.

So, again, when calling leads for your network marketing business, consider how much time you spend with each lead.  Since only 5 out of every 100 are qualified for your business, it’s critical you don’t waste time on the wrong people.  Only leave messages for people who have a compelling enough voicemail of their own for you to leave your own message.  Make sure you have confidence and strong posture when you do leave a message and you are more likely to get a call back.

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