Mindset When Calling Prospects for Your Network Marketing Business

Mindset When Calling Prospects for Your Network Marketing Business

mindset when calling prospects for network marketing businessHave you given much thought to what your mindset is when you are calling prospects for your network marketing business? I imagine most people don’t think of it at all. They just start making calls.

Well, if you are not in the right frame of mind, mentally, it will definitely have a negative effect on your prospecting success. You have to develop the right mindset and posture before you start your calls, or start a meeting with someone.

Here are a few things to think about to prepare you:

    1. WHY? – It’s good to remind yourself why you are in network marketing and why are you in your company?  It will help keep your mind strong and focused. Is it to stay home with kids, achieve time freedom, financial freedom, pay off debts, etc? 
    2. Mission/ purpose– what’s the bigger picture that’s driving you in this business? Have a sense of urgency and expectation that you will be enrolling people in your business this week, and not just any people but the best, most qualified people for your business. 
    3. Goals in your company– are you looking to achieve a certain rank level by a certain time in your company? 
    4. Who– who are you looking for? What qualities are you looking for in people who you would like joining you in your company? 
    5. Imagine– imagine you are the CEO of your own multi-million dollar company. How would you conduct yourself if you were Donald Trump or Bill Gates interviewing someone for a position? You would exude confidence, you’d have strong posture and you would stay in control of the conversation. 

      Or imagine you were already earning the target income you set for yourself. Let’s say you have a goal of being a 6-figure earner. What would it feel like if you were already a 6-figure earner? How would you carry yourself? It would be a great feeling, right? You’d probably feel more relaxed.  You’d have a relaxed confidence about you because you’ve already accomplished your goals. Your prospects will be able to sense how you feel, and if you’re nervous, afraid, timid, scared; they will also sense if are confident, in control, and comfortable with the process. 

    6. Affirmations– Here is what I say to myself everyday before I start my prospecting calls:
      I am Relaxed & Enthusiastic… I am Friendly & Firm… I am Trustworthy, Credible and Confident… My time is worth at least $100 per hour…My success is guaranteed…. My prospecting time is my “Money Time”…. I am a great person to get involved with… I focus on results, not excuses…I am an entrepreneur….I am the CEO of my own multi-million dollar company…. My success is guaranteed….I am on a mission to change lives…empower people, inspire people, to live their dream lives NOW, to live life to the fullest NOW…to live a life of possibilities, not regrets, to live a life of abundance NOW!  I am God’s vessel and will move as He directs me. The network marketing industry is my ministry. 

      I have an urgency and an expectation about the outcome I seek and the right people are out there waiting for my call right now.  I am looking for 5-7 strong leaders to assist me in building my Team Fullest Life Group. I have an opportunity that can dramatically change your life, as long as you are coachable and committed.”

 Video: Mindset Calling Network Marketing Prospects


You don’t have to say what I say. In fact, I would encourage you to develop your own affirmations to say before making your calls so that it is more personal to you.  But to develop the right mindset before calling your prospects for your network marketing business, I’d recommend going through the 5 steps above. And you can do that in less than 5 minutes each day. It’s worth it!!

Don’t waste your time on the wrong people. You are looking for the most qualified people for your business. The people who have the drive and who are the most qualified people who are ready to go now.

Your success in network marketing does not depend on any one single person joining your business. To have success you will be talking with hundreds and hundreds of people over time. So don’t get hung up on any one person’s response to you, because it really doesn’t matter.

Keep in mind that your success is guaranteed, as long as you are coachable, committed and consistent. Have that “knowing” inside you and it will make your prospecting calls that much easier. 

When you can let go like that, it will make you a much more attractive sponsor or leader to the people you are talking to. If you don’t really care whether or not they join you, it might make them want to join you even more.  So let go and relax. The right people will show up for you.

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Here’s to your success!

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