How to Answer the Time Objection in Network Marketing (part 2)

How to Answer the Time Objection in Network Marketing (part 2)

network marketing time objectionThere are two places where you will see the Time Objection in network marketing- either before or after they see your business presentation. My last article gave you ideas about what to say to someone when the give you the time objection before they even know want your company is all about.  This article will give you ideas for what to say when they’ve already seen info about your company and they tell you they have no time to build a home business.

In order to best be able to handle the time objection after your business presentation, it’s really importantyou get the answers to these questions in the initial interview before they see a presentation:

  • Why are you looking (or open to looking) to start a home business or earn money from home? (or, what’s changed in your life recently that has you open to taking a look at a home business?)
  • With some people, you will be able to ask them, “if you don’t mind me asking, what sort of monthly income would you be looking for with a home business?”  Then after you get the answer, say “what would that  _____(name the amount of money they just told you) do for you?”
  • How important is it to you that you are able to _______ ? (list the reasons they just told you.

So when you go over your presentation or video with them, or however it is that you share with them, you will be better prepared to handle the time objection.

Video:The Time Objection in Network Marketing

The Follow-Up Conversation

Let’s say you are now doing a follow-up conversation and your prospect says he likes everything, but he doesn’t have the time right now to do it.

Here are a few different responses:

  1. You can say “Perfect!” (this will definitely surprise them). “Some of the most successful people in our company are very busy people.  Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘if you want something done, ask a busy person to help you’?” (they will agree. Then say, “If your goals are as important to you as you told me they are, then we will work together on helping you carve out some time in your schedule.  What other questions do you have about what you’ve seen so far?” (You make a U-turn- by answering their question and following it immediately with another question).
  2. Say, “if you DID have the time, do you know for certain that you would want to work with me and grow this business?”
  3. Or, say, “(name), before you watched the video (or saw the presentation), you told me that your goal is to earn $____/mo, so that you could ________(list reasons they told you in the first call).  Tell me again, how important is it to you that you can do those things?” (They will most likely tell you very important).  “Look, I am on your side, and am committed to helping you achieve those goals.  Let’s look at your schedule and your daily habits, and find ways we can carve out time for you work this business in your schedule.
  4. “Look, (Name) I don’t make a lot of money by bringing you in the business. I only make money when I help you have success.  You have told me why it’s important for you to earn  $_______ each month.  If you do not make a change in your life now, and you continue earning only the income you are earning right now, how long will it take you to achieve those goals?” Because basically, if they don’t change something about their life right now, nothing will change.
  5. “Are you saying you don’t have the time because you really don’t have the time, or are you just saying that because you don’t want to hurt my feelings?” Saying this will actually help them to relax a little bit, and you will also get to the root of why they have the time objection. 

Come from a position of being an advocate for your prospect, not as a salesperson trying to get someone else in your business.  Figure out if they really have a desire to create change in their lives.  And if they do, them telling you they have an objection like time or money may really be a sign that they are just nervous about starting something new, and they are reluctant to step out of their comfort zone to try something new. 

If you come from a position of strength, confidence and good posture, you will not run into these objections so much, and when you do, you will be able to help allay some of their fears.

Finding out their “why” for doing a home business, and how important it is to them that they achieve that can make the difference between you enrolling or not enrolling your prospect in your business.

It is not your responsibility to convince them to join your company.  But it is your responsibility to show them what you’ve got, how it can help them reach their goals, and to see if it’s a good fit for them.  If you can see that they clearly like what they’ve seen, you think they have what it takes to be successful, and it’s just a matter of them stepping out of their comfort zone, then do not give into every objection and excuse they give you.  What they really might be looking for is your leadership, your taking them by the hand and saying, ‘Let’s DO this.”

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