Improve Your Success in Network Marketing With 4 Simple Words

In an earlier article I wrote about “5 Words to Change Your Success in Network Marketing,” which were “How can I help you?”  Today I write the second in the series, this time with an additional 4 words that separate the dynamos of the industry from the average Joes.

If you aren’t using these four words in building your home based business, you are missing out on a potentially thousands and thousands of dollars in monthly income.   And this has to with the people that say “no” to your opportunity.

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We already know that 90% of people who join Network Marketing knew their sponsor prior to signing up.  That is why it is so important to start with your warm market when you come into the business.   Relationships are critical to success.

We also know that only a percentage of those that you share the business with will actually join your business.   Granted, as you gain experience in the industry your success rate will likely improve and you will have more people joining you, but for the sake of this example, let’s say that you are able to sponsor 1 in 10 or 10% of the time.

So what about the other 90%?  For some of them, the timing may not be right, and others may just be plain not interested.   There are 4 key words you can use when someone says “No” to your business opportunity.   And they are so simple that when you read them you might be thinking “Duh!” But surprisingly, many, many, many people forget to use them.

Here they are, and they come from one of my mentors and Network Marketing superstar, Todd Falcone, “Who Do You Know?”

We each know anywhere from 250 to 1000 people by first name.  So, in your sphere of influence, you know about 250 people, and each of these people know at least 250 people.  If you ask for the referral, (“Who Do You Know?”), you open yourself up to a whole new market of people.

These referrals are people you may or may not know, but they will be more likely to listen to you because you have a common connection, a mutual friend.  Now think that of the 250 people you know, they each know 250 people.  The number is a staggering 62,500 people!

Now, it is unlikely that you will gain access to all those names, but if you ask every prospect who says “no” to your opportunity, “Who do you know who might be interested in our products or who are interested in making money from home?” they will more than likely give you a few names and numbers.   If you repeat this question over and over with everyone you prospect, think of how much your business will grow and how many more people you can talk to without having to cold call!

If we can’t get someone we know in the business, they will likely refer others to us because of our relationship with them, if it is a good one.   We are much better off getting a referral from someone we know than cold calling.  Why?  Because we have a connection to that person through a mutual friend.

The order of the wording is important as well, because you are asking an open-ended question.  If you say, “Do you know anyone who might be interested?” then you are giving them the chance to say “no.”  If you say, “Who do you know?” then the prospect is directed to answer with names.

Four simple words, “Who do you know?”

They can change the direction of your business.

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