How to Get Paid As a Professional in Your Network Marketing Business

How to Get Paid As a Professional in Your Network Marketing Business

get paid as a professional in network marketingDo you dream of the income of a professional network marketer but still find yourself at the amateur level?  Most people come into a home business or network marketing with dreams of earning a 6 or 7-figure earner but they have the habits of an amateur.  If this is you, something’s got to change if you want your income to change.

If you want to be compensated as a professional then it’s time to treat your business as a business, and treat it as a professional would. It does not mean that you have to wear a suit and tie or professional clothing. In fact, many successful home based entrepreneurs make 6-figures from their homes in their pj’s or t-shirts and shorts. 

What I mean by professional has to do more with your mindset and habits and the skills you develop over time in this industry.

Here are some differences between an Amateur and a Professional in the network marketing industry:



Says “I need to” or “I’ll try” Says “I commit to” or “I will”
Focuses on current problems and excuses Focuses on end vision and goal
Unorganized Organized, with a systematic, methodical approach
Poor habits Exceptional habits
Mantra “I’m a procrastinator” “I’m a producer”
Comes up with all sorts of excuses that prevents them from producing Gets it done in spite of daily challenges
Lacks discipline Realizes that daily discipline is required to produce results.


Calls a few people and hopes for the best Will call 10, 20 30, 50 people everyday consistently, to build their business.
Does not monitor progress Consistently evaluates performance daily, weekly and monthly.
Does prospecting when free time comes up in their day Has DEDICATED time, marked off in their calendars, to prospect


Worries about what people think It’s irrelevant about what others think because they are focused on their final goal and are going through the actions and habits necessary to achieve their goals.


All over the board when qualifying prospects Will ask 7-10 qualifying questions in a sequence, and part of what they are doing is finding out if their goals and vision are bigger than their problems
Gets offended, hurt, depressed when people say no to their opportunity, which leads to procrastination and not making the daily phone calls required to have success. Does not get emotionally attached to the outcome.   There are simply too many people to contact to get upset over the people who say no.



The main differences between amateurs and professionals in network marketing comes down to habits and mindset.  The professional has exceptional habits and is extremely organized and methodical with their daily tasks for building a successful business.  They also have the mindset of someone with a strong vision for their future and a passion to attain it.  They do not get attached to the outcomes in their prospecting, nor do they waste time on people who are unqualified for their business.  They do not get hung up on obstacles right in front of them. They focus on their end goal, not the problems that pop up along the way.

Professionals are also laser focused on income producing activities (IPAs); and the professional realizes this and focuses on those activities 60-80% of the time dedicated to growing the business.

To become a professional it means you focus on your end goals. You let your vision for your future pull you towards it.   You recognize it will take the right mindset (you have value, self worth, you will accomplish your goals), skills- (you will develop the skills over time; the more you do something, the better you get at it), and habits (exceptional people will have exceptional habits. Focus on IPAs you can do each day to drive forward in your business.

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Sarah Bailey




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