Belief in Certainty vs Possibility of Success in Network Marketing

Belief in Certainty vs Possibility of Success in Network Marketing

certainty of success in network marketingWe are told over and over again that to have success in network marketing you have to have “belief”. That you are to have belief in your products, belief in your company, belief in the industry and most importantly belief in yourself. 

The people who are the most successful, in network marketing or any profession for that matter, are those who are “certain” they can do it.   They don’t just think it was possible to achieve their goals, they believed it with certainty.

We know the network marketing profession works. We see people making money in practically every company, as long as the company is legitimate and with at least decent products. It definitely works.  People DO make money.

So they why do so many people struggle? It has to do with belief, but not just any belief. It has to do with both fear and certainty.

For years, I’ve believed in the possibility of success, but until I had my own little breakthrough the other day, I had not believed in the “Certainty” of success. My belief rested in the “possibility” of success.  Now I believe in the CERTAINTY of it.

CERTAINTY is the key word. 

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And here is why…..

If I told you – if you KNEW with 100% CERTAINTY you would earn a 6-figure income as long as you did 3 things, how much action would you really take? I’m hoping a LOT!  I’m telling you, just DO these things and you WILL have success. All you gotta do, is DO them.

Forget the doubt, forget the fears. You don’t need either doubt or fears, because you are now CERTAIN you will have success.

if you have only a little certainty, you might try a little bit, but then you won’t do much. You take little action, get little results, then the people around you who’ve said no to you before or questioned why you’d even be in a business like this, they say “See? I told you that you couldn’t do it.” 

Then you believe them and think, maybe they are right. It doesn’t work, but the truth is, you never really tried that hard because you didn’t believe you could do it anyway.

Here’s the thing: if you “BELIEVED” you could, then you could.

It would show up in your prospecting that you knew what you were doing, you knew where you were going, and your prospects would sense it. They’d be more likely to sign up.

They sign up, that increases your belief, you go and recruit more and make more sales, which further increases your belief. 

When you go to events and you see people on stage, you see people of all different backgrounds. You look on the stage at some of the people up there and you think, “how in the world did THAT guy get up there?”

You might expect to see previously successful entrepreneurs, sales professionals, doctors etc on stage, but when you see a single mom with 4 kids who’s only work experience has been as a waitress or a secretary, you scratch your head wondering, how did THAT happen?

You know what it comes down to?

Of course belief has something to do with it, but it comes down to CERTAINTY.

They KNEW they could do it. At some point they went from thinking, oh, maybe it’s possible, to yeah I BELIEVE it’s possible, to I KNOW with certainty that I can do it.

So I say to you again….. if I told you that if you follow steps A, B and C, if you just DO this, that you would definitely GET those results you want, you knew with 100% certainty that it would come to you:

            1- would you do it?

            2- would you follow the steps?

            3- how hard would you work at doing A, B and C????

You know what it will take in creating a 6-figure income in the network marketing profession????

3 things:

  • Talk
  • Share
  • Start

We talk to people, we share information with them (company presentation) and we start them either as business partners, customers or get referrals from them.

Many people will say no, especially friends and family, but don’t let that bother you, because you are now CERTAIN of your success, as long as you go through the actions.

I don’t expect that I am going to “cure” you of your doubts, worries and self sabotaging beliefs. But I hope that I’m at least pointing you in the right direction.

It may take you a couple days, weeks months or years for it to happen for you. I don’t know when that will be. It takes a different amount of time for different people. But don’t worry about it, because you can know with certainty that it WILL happen for you. Don’t look around at other people and base your success on either their success or LACK of success. Don’t compare yourself to others.

JUST KNOW with certainty that it will happen for you.

Believe in the certainty of it.


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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey




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