How to Do a 3-Way Call in Network Marketing

How to Do a 3-Way Call in Network Marketing

network marketing 3 way call with downlineIf you want to know how to do a 3-way call with one of your distributors in your downline in your network marketing business, here are some helpful tips.  First of all, I don’t like using the terms “upline” and “downline” but for the simplicity of this article I will use them. But never, ever, ever use those terms with your prospect. And better yet, don’t call your prospect a prospect; call them a potential business partner.  And it’s better to call your upline a “Senior Business Partner.”

Before you get on the 3-way call, make sure your downline (or “junior”) business partner tells you a little bit about the person (how they know each other, what the person does for a living and why they are looking to start a business from home). Make it clear to your downline business partner how to properly introduce you on the call.  They should first introduce the prospect and then you.

When they introduce you they are to edify you, by saying how long you’ve been in your network marketing company or the network marketing profession, what your rank level is (even though that won’t mean anything to them) but most importantly what it’s like working with you and that you are investing in helping your team have success.

Then after the introductions are made, you as the senior business partner will be in control of the conversation. Your downline distributor is to stop talking so that you can now build the connection with the prospect.

Your goal in this 3-way call with your distributor’s prospect is to familiarize them a little bit with your team, and the vision and direction of both the company and where you are going with the team.  But more importantly, your goal is to learn more about the prospect, answer any questions they have about the business, and to help them get started in the business.

So many distributors in network marketing do 3-way calls with their downline team members and they go on and on and on about themselves and their company and they hardly give the opportunity for the prospect to get a word in at all.  This is Super Unattractive to the prospect, when you go on and on about yourself.

Remember, people love to talk about themselves, but let that be the prospect, not you. The prospect doesn’t even really know you and if you talk nonstop about yourself, it only makes you look bad and them more “Un” interested in your business.

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In my humble opinion, the prospect is the most important person in the conversation, NOT the upline distributor. They are evaluating the business to see if it’s a good fit for them.  We are to help assist them in that decision by giving them the information they require to make an educated decision. It’s fine for you to spend a minute or two to talk about your background but do not go on ad nauseum about it.

So here is how the call might go:

Downline gets you both on the phone and verifies you are both on the line.

Let’s say your downline business partner’s name is John and his prospect is Mary.

John will say each of your names, say a little bit about Mary and then edify you. Once he’s done edifying you, you will take control of the conversation.

You say a little about you and your background and what you have going on in your team. This should only take a minute or 2.  Then take a minute to say what’s unique about the direction of the company right now and what sets apart this company from the competition.

But you really want to get the focus back on the prospect.  Put the spotlight on the prospect.  Find common ground with them.

Here are several things you can talk to the prospect about (and you don’t have to talk about all of them):

  • Ask them a little about their background
  • Why they are looking to start a business from home?
  • Stir up their pain a little bit. If they don’t have pain that they are trying to fix, then this business is not for them and they probably won’t enroll in the business.
  • What are they hoping to achieve by partnering up with you?
  • How important that is to them that they achieve those goals?

Then go into a discussion about the information they’ve reviewed (video, DVD, in home presentation, etc).  Key questions are:

  • What did you like about what you saw?
  • What else did you like?
  • Or, what else grabbed your attention?
  • What questions do you have?
  • What other questions do you have?

Then based on their answers you will either direct them to more information, get referrals from them or, you will say, “Welcome Aboard, Mary! We are so excited to help you ___________(list out the reasons they just gave you of where they want to go in this business).

I am not a hard closer. The way I close is by being assumptive and saying “Welcome Aboard!”  Other people in network marketing will say something like, “Let’s get you started in business today, Mary.”  Or they might say “Is there anything that would keep you from getting started today, Mary?” You can ask a more direct close question like “so is there anything keeping you from getting started with us today?” or “Let’s get you started today. Where would you like your checks sent to?”  You can do that if you want to. Many people have had success with that method, but personally, it is not my style.

In my view, people want to be part of something; they want to be included, not put on the spot. The “Welcome Aboard!” is like welcoming them into the fold, and just happens to be my preference, but use what’s most comfortable to you.
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