How to Close a Prospect in Network Marketing

How to Close a Prospect in Network Marketing

how to close network marketingDo you ever wonder how to close a prospect in your network marketing business? Of course you do.  It’s a silly question, but a bit of a trick question.  We tend to get caught up in the “How to’s” and the “What to say” in regards to speaking with prospects but to get better at closing someone is not necessarily a “how to”; it’s more of a “why.”

Here’s what I mean. When people join network marketing, for the most part they are joining someone they know, like and trust.   It’s more about the people aspect than it is about the actual product or company.   The better question you want to be able to answer has to do with they “WHY”, not the “How.”

There are 2 “Why” questions you want to be asking yourself:

1st – Why am I in network marketing, and in this company in particular?

2nd– Why would someone want to join me?

Worrying about how to answer questions and objections won’t even matter if you are not clear on these answers.  To define your “why” for being in business, you can take a closer look at this article I wrote

But to be able to answer the second question is equally important.  And it doesn’t matter if you are new in your business. You don’t have to have enrolled a bunch of people to get someone to look at your business or to become your business partner.

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People will join people they know, like and trust.  In most cases, people join a network marketing business because of the people they are joining, moreso than the company they are joining or the products they are promoting.  What that means is, the company and the products are not nearly as important as the people they are joining.

You prospects care more about whether you are the person they want to partner up with and if you can help them achieve their goals. It doesn’t matter if you have all the answers right now. What matters is if you know how to find the answers for them. If you don’t have much experience in your company, then you can lean on the leadership of the people who are your senior business partners.

The other thing is, if you have an incredible passion and purpose for why you are in network marketing and in the company you are in, your prospects will see and feel that passion and they will be attracted to it.

If you are “unsure” of yourself, then they will be “unsure” of joining you and joining your team.  But if you are excited (not crazy excited, but excited) and you know that you know that you know that you are on the right team with the right company and that you are determined to hit your goals and you are looking for the right people to join you, then you WILL recruit a whole bunch more people.

Stop for a minute and think back to your recruiting efforts over the past few months. Have you had the success you wanted? Now make an honest assessment about your passion, your purpose, where you are headed, how determined you are to get there, how solid you are with your opportunity…… and ask yourself, “Would I join me in business?”  Would YOU join YOU?

Take some time to go over those 2 “Why” questions.  Dig deep.  Also know, that if you want to know how to close people better, besides knowing all the words to say, it comes down to your posture and your level of confidence in what you are doing. You can’t wait until you’ve enrolled a bunch of people to improve your posture and confidence. You have to have strong posture and confidence in your abilities before anyone will join you.

By you having a passion for what you are doing, and a “knowing” of where you are headed, your posture and confidence will automatically improve, and as a result, you will enroll more people.

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