How to Follow Up with and Close More Prospects: Network Marketing Tips

How to Follow Up with and Close More Prospects: Network Marketing Tips

network marketing business follow upOne thing many people struggle with, whether in network marketing, Internet marketing or direct sales, is how to follow up with and close more prospects after people have taken a look at their information. You may be one of them. 

Becoming a good closer is definitely a skill you want to develop and get good at and it takes a lot of practice. There are 2 very important parts to closing effectively, and most people mistakenly do not pay attention to the first one.

1st Part of How to Follow Up and Close:

You really have to be in the right frame of mind when you follow up with your prospects, because whatever you are thinking in your mind (about your abilities and what you are doing and where you are going with this business), you will convey to your prospect as you speak.  What this means is, if you are feeling unsure of yourself and you don’t have strong belief in what you are doing, your prospect will be able to sense that.
Your prospect wants to know that you are the leader that can help them get where they want to go. And if you are new in the industry or haven’t recruited may people yet, that is okay; you can lean on the experience of more senior business partners on your team or in your company.  

You want to have strong posture, like that of a CEO of a major company. You have to have a strong belief in your company, your products and yourself.  Have a purpose behind what you are doing…..purpose driven prospecting!  Why are you in business? What is your motivation and how important is that to you? When you have conviction about what you are doing, where you are headed, and you have an urgency about it, more people will want to join you. 

Prospects do not want to join people who are weak and don’t know where they are going. So be clear on where you are going.  Be on a mission with your business and more people will want to follow you.

Here is another article on mindset with more network marketing tips on adopting a strong mindset for success.

2nd Part of How to Follow Up and Close:
The Script

So you’ve already called a prospect for an initial call, then sent them to a company presentation (could be video or audio or in person), and now it’s time to call them back and follow up with them for your network marketing business. 

Here are the 4 simple steps to a follow up call: 

Step 1 – Build rapport– you want to continue building the relationship, continue the conversation from your last call.  Remember, when people are joining a home business, it’s more about the connection with the business partner than it is about the company they are joining. People want to do business with those they know, like and trust, so it’s critical to build that connection with them, whether you ask them a question related to their current or past job, their kids, where they live or even about the weather.  It doesn’t really matter what you ask them about; the important thing is that you continue to build momentum in your relationship with your prospect.

Step 2- “What did you like about what you just saw?” Notice I did not say, “DID you like…”, I said “WHAT did you like…”  You want to ask them open-ended questions.  Also, do not say “what did you think?” because you are really not asking for their opinion. It makes you look weaker. You already know your company is a good thing, right? You don’t need validation from someone else, so you don’t need their opinion.

So you ask, “What did you like about what you just saw?” After they answer, you can expand on it with “What else did you like?” or “What else grabbed your attention?”

Step 3- Questions.  Ask your prospect “What questions do you have?” Questions are good. If they are truly interested in what the business is about and how it works, they will have questions. Keep your answers brief, and if you don’t know the answers, tell them you will find the answers for them and get back to them right away. 

Step 4- The Big Close!! 

I am not a hard closer. I just don’t feel comfortable with that approach.  I’m much more of a relational person.  Some people are very effective saying “so are you ready to get started today?” or “let’s get you started”.  For me, I have a hard time doing it. There’s nothing wrong with it. It may be your style and if it’s working for you, then fine. But for me I use a softer approach.

When I say it’s called “The Big Close”, t’s a joke, because it’s not “Big” at all.  If the conversation is moving easily with your prospect and you have a good feeling based on their answers and the questions they have that they are very interested, then you will naturally get to a point where you can say these 2 simple words: “Welcome…aboard.” 

That’s it!!  That’s the “Big Close.”  Say welcome aboard and then immediately follow with  “I can’t wait for you to …. (meet so-and-so on your team, or to make “x” dollars in the time frame they specified.) 

Then go ahead and gather their information and enroll them into your company.  If you have the feeling based on the conversation with them that they are not ready to join now, then you obviously will not say “welcome aboard!” in this conversation with them. If they need more information or more time, then arrange a time to get back with them.

The best way to get better at learning how to follow up and close more prospects for your network marketing business is to get out there and practice with real people, real prospects. Just reading about it won’t make you a better at closing. So practice the above script and work on your mindset.
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