How to Make Your Facebook Wall Attract More Prospects

How to Make Your Facebook Wall or Profile Attract More Prospects

attract facebook prospects wallWith well more than 1 Billion users, Facebook is a fantastic way to connect with prospects about your home business, whether it’s network marketing, direct sales or MLM and what you post on your wall or profile is going to make the biggest impact on how effectively you connect with and attract others. 

Many people use Facebook to grow their home business but they go about it in a way that turns people off. There is definitely an approach you can use so that when you post on your wall or profile you will attract more prospects to your business.

Tips for what to Post on Your Facebook Wall

  1. When someone looks at your wall, they should get a good idea of who you are and what you are about
  2. Post a variety of things
  3. Post 3-5 times per day. 
  4. Post something related to your business no more than 1out of every 8-10 posts
  5. Post quotes, funny things, pictures, inspirational messages
  6. Ask questions (“what’s your favorite…”, “what would you do if….”, “if you had to choose between…”, or other questions that prompt people to comment)
  7. Stay away from politics
  8. Your profile picture (the small picture on the top left side of your page) should be a “face” picture of you. It’s “Face”book!! Let people know who you are.
  9. Your cover photo (the bigger picture behind the profile picture) should be something that describes your personality, who you are, what you stand for or what you believe in. 
  10. Brand “YOU” not the company you are in. Let people come to you and ask you what company you are part of rather than blast it all over your cover photo or your wall.
  11. Keep it positive
  12. Be authentic
  13. Engage others

When you post a variety of things on your wall, it will keep your page more interesting.  Engage people in conversation on your posts. For example, if you ask a question and people respond, jump in and comment on their comments.

There are many great Facebook prospecting courses out there, and I have bought several of them.  One of them, called ENDLESS FREE LEADS stands out more than any of the others and I’d totally recommend it as it comes with over 70 scripts for starting conversations with people on Facebook (for example, connecting with Realtors, teachers, stay at home moms, students, network marketers, etc) and gives you guidelines of how to “communicate, connect and close” people on Facebook.

A couple places where you can find inspirational quotes are on or on (just type in inspirational quotes or success quotes, courage quotes, etc).  A place where you can find good questions to engage conversation is at

Also, when people “Like” or comment on your posts on your Facebook Wall, you can reach out and private message them.  Start a conversation with them through your Inbox.  Something like “Hey Tom, I like your comment you posted on my wall about ___,” and then start a conversation with the person.  That conversation may lead to that person joining your business.  Even if it doesn’t lead to them joining your team, you have deepened your connection with that friend.

You will attract more people to your wall when you are authentic and genuine. Don’t pretend to be someone you are not.  A quick way to turn people off from you is to make a bunch of posts on your Facebook wall with links to your business opportunity. That means you are just spamming your own wall, and all your friends’ newsfeeds and it’s a quick way to get you “unfriended” from people and possibly blocked by them as well.

You are much more than just the business you are in.  And it’s quite possible, your business may not be around forever or that your life’s path might draw you to another company.  It’s better to brand yourself, than your company.  Make the appearance of your profile picture, cover photo, and your posts want people to connect with you.

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