Conversation Starters on Facebook for Your Home Business

Conversation Starters on Facebook for Your Home Business

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Are you looking for some great conversation starters to grow your home business using Facebook?   Facebook is a great place to build a business of any size, whether it’s network marketing, direct sales or another type of home business. If you are like many others, you get stuck on what to say to people. Here are some great conversation starters to use with people you meet or want to reconnect with on Facebook.

But first, I want to go over a few tips about the appearance of your wall, because if you are not careful, you won’t get many people accepting your friend requests and may have other friends “unfriend” you, and you don’t want that.

Remember that for most people, Facebook is “social” so don’t make everything about your business. Most people get on Facebook for social reasons and to reconnect with people. One of the quickest ways to turn people off and get them to “Unfriend” you is by spamming your own wall (or their walls) with information about your business.

You may think that your home business is the greatest thing in the world, and maybe for you it is. But until others see what you see, don’t be surprised if they are not that interested.

Your Wall / Their Wall

When someone goes to your wall, they should get an idea of who YOU are, and I can tell you that you are a WHOLE lot more than your business. Post a variety of things on your wall: inspirational posts, funny posts, what you are up to today, insights you have into life and your experiences, a little bit about your business, etc. Post about your business only about 10-20% of the time.

The same thing goes when you look at other people’s walls. You will get an idea of who they are too and what their interests are. If you go to someone’s wall and all they have are links to their products and their business opportunity, then that tells you a lot about where their focus is.

Build a Connection

facebook conversation startersWhen you first start a conversation with someone on Facebook, someone who you view as a prospect for your home business or your products, keep it casual. Do NOT dive into all the great things about your business or products as soon as you say “hello.” And never, ever, ever, send a link to them as you are introducing yourself.

Think of it this way, if you were at a party with some friends and there were a whole bunch of people you didn’t know, you wouldn’t go up to a stranger (or a friend of a friend) at a party and say, “Hi, my name is _____. Here’s a link to a really cool home business opportunity!” ……would you???

I hope not.


Same thing here on Facebook. As you are adding friends, first of all, any time you “Add Friend” on Facebook, make sure you send them a message as well, stating something about wanting to get to know them, and then always, always, always, with any comment you write, end with a question back to them so you keep the conversation going. But you do NOT want to suggest to them that they want to join your home business, nor should you ask if they are interested in joining your home business on your very first message (or even the first few messages) on Facebook. For conversation starters, it can be something as simple as these examples:

Examples of Conversation Starters:

“Hi, _____(name). I really liked your comment on _____ (name of person)’s post about _____(topic).” (then ask them a question about their comment, or you could just ask them something like “What do you do for a living?”

“Hi, ____ (name). Facebook suggested you as someone I might know. I took a look at your wall and it looks like we have a whole bunch of things in common, one of them being entrepreneurship. What do you do?” (With this type of introductory message, if you are saying you have things in common with them, make sure you tie it back to something about business, so they don’t think you are weird and trying to hit on them, lol.)

“Hi, ____ (name). I came across your name in the ______ group on Facebook. How long have you been in a home business?” (or ask a question that relates to the type of group it is)

“Hi, _____ (name). I noticed we have ___ (number) friends in common, so I’m guessing you are also in a home business? Are you full-time or part-time? What do you do?”

“Hey ____ (name), I noticed on your wall that you like (name a couple books, movies, other Facebook groups, etc). I share that same interest.” (Then come up with a question back to them about that topic. For example:

“Hey, John. I noticed on your wall that one of your favorite books is “Think and Grow Rich.” I love that book too. Have you ever read “Maximum Achievement” by Brian Tracy? It takes some of those same principles and applies it to modern day living. What kind of books are you reading now?

Would love to connect and I’ve sent you a friend request. Have a great day!”

“Hi, _____ (name). I saw on your wall that you like to post about success*. I do, too. What do you do?”

(*Instead of “success” you could say: working from home, inspirational quotes, parenting, personal growth, home business, family, courage, success books, funny quotes, going for your dreams, pursuing passions, etc.)

So those are just a few examples of conversation starters for connecting with people on Facebook for your home business. Notice how you can interchange so many different things in there and never run out of ways to start conversations with people.   You can mix and match different ideas above to come up with your own style of connecting with people.

One tip when starting a conversation on Facebook: ALWAYS end with a question. That way, you can keep the conversation going.

Also, do NOT send a link on your first message or 2 to someone. It’s very unprofessional.
Send links only when:

  • you’ve uncovered a need they have that you can help them with
  • they’ve asked for a link
  • they’ve given you permission to send a link.

The best way to get to a point where you can send a link, is by asking a series of questions, and I will go over those questions in an upcoming post. The best prospectors are really good at asking questions and uncovering needs people have. YOU might know that someone needs what you have, but if they do not see it themselves, they will NOT buy from you. Your role is to come alongside them, ask a bunch of questions, and uncover a need they might have that you can help them with.

It may or may not end up that they join your business or buy from you and that is okay. You’ve formed a new friendship. You don’t know what might happen with them down the road in a couple or few months, when your paths might cross. The timing has to be right for people.

Last year a friend came to me with his current business, and it was not the right time for me. I was completely uninterested. But he did the right thing…he stayed connected, we talked about our businesses throughout the year among other things, without trying to recruit each other. He stayed very low-key, no pressure, and guess what? The timing became right for me a couple months ago.

When I decided I wanted to join the business he is in…..I joined him, because for one, he’s a good leader, but also, because he never pressured me to begin with. I wasn’t ready to listen a year ago, so he backed off. So I was more than willing to partner up with him in business and couldn’t be happier.

So I can tell you from personal experience on the receiving end, that you will get much further with someone on a business level and a social level, if you are not all gung-ho, high pressure, “join me now” when you meet people on Facebook. Use the conversation starters above, and let the conversation unfold naturally. It may take a little more time to get to the point where you are talking to them specifically about your home business, but you will have a much more solid friendship and connection with him/her if you do it this way, and in the long run, you will have more people join you in your business when you show a genuine concern for them. You definitely want to make sure you are not doing things that will get you banned from Facebook.

In another upcoming post, I will write about how to keep the conversation going and when to talk about your business and knowing what questions to ask to lead up to talking about your business.

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Here’s to your success!

Sarah Bailey



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