Is it Really a Numbers Game in Network Marketing?

Is it Really a Numbers Game in Network Marketing?

network marketing numbers gameIs it really a Numbers Game in Network Marketing? I used to believe so, but now I don’t. They tell you it’s all about the numbers and your ratios when you look at what to expect for you to have success in network marketing.

I’ve met many people who’ve been in their companies for years and have talked to hundreds of people, and yet they’ve enrolled/sponsored less than 5 people in that entire time. I’ve also met people who are brand new to the industry and who are enrolling people left and right.

How does that happen?

When we look at what leads to success in network marketing, it comes down to is something much bigger than the “Numbers Game”.  It’s about your beliefs (mindset), skills and habits.

Most importantly, it’s about your beliefs:

-belief in yourself (that you can do it)

-belief in your products/services (you have to like the products or services enough, and believe in their value enough that you can confidently promote them)

-belief in the leadership in your company (When you look at your Upline leadership, as well as the company owners and the corporate board, carefully consider whether they have the character and integrity that you can truly model after. Do you respect them? Do you value the same things they do? If you don’t, then your prospects will be able to sense that something is “off” about the message you deliver and they won’t fully believe in what you are telling them).

-belief in the industry as a whole (do you believe network marketing is a valid way for people to add income in their lives? While more and more people are turning to network marketing than ever before, a great majority of people still believe it’s not a good thing and don’t think it works. You have to be strong enough in your beliefs that it can work for you and others that you are not swayed by the opinions of others.)

VIDEO: Numbers Game in Network Marketing?

I would argue that the people who are having the most success in their home businesses with recruiting (and retailing) are those who have the greatest belief in what they are doing, and the most passion about it as well. If you are not experiencing the success you desire, it likely comes down to your belief in one of the 4 areas above.

You’ve got to find a way to get more belief and more passion behind what you are doing, if you want success in the network marketing industry. If you can’t do that with your current company, then you might want to consider something else. I wrote a post about How to Choose a Home Business, that might give you insight into that.

If you do have the belief, you might want to look at your skills and habits. Ask yourself this question, “Would you hire you?” based on your current skills and habits. If the answer is “no” then get to work on improving your skills with prospecting, recruiting, and closing. Hire a coach, join a boot camp or attend a group class (all of this can be done online, on the phone or with webinars, teleconferences or one on one coaching). Invest in your business.

Look at your daily habits. Are you making progress every day towards your goals?

So while success in network marketing may have something to do with the “Numbers Game” I believe it has much more to do with belief, passion, skills and habits.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this.
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