How to Start a Phone Conversation with a Facebook Prospect After Being on Chat

How to Start a Phone Conversation with a Facebook Prospect After Being on Facebook Chat

conversation facebook messenger phone prospectDo you ever get stuck on how to start a conversation with a prospect on the phone about your home business after you had been messaging back and forth with them over Facebook Chat Messenger? Do you know how to keep the momentum of the conversation going and know what questions to ask before they take a look at how you can help them make money from home?

This post is part 2 to an earlier post about moving a conversation with a prospect from Facebook Chat Messenger to the phone for your home business. The first part reviewed what questions to ask in Facebook Chat and how to actually transition to the phone. This post reviews what to say when you actually get on the phone.

So you’ve been going back and forth on Facebook Chat Messenger and you decide to get on the phone with them. Now you are calling them up to continue the conversation and get them to your company’s presentation.

You have 3 goals in this conversation:

1-Continue to build rapport with them

2-Ask more qualifying questions to see if they are a good fit for your business

3-Send them to your company’s presentation.

 VIDEO: What to Say on Phone with a Prospect After Connecting on Facebook Messenger


Because people like to do business with those they know, like and trust it is really important for you to begin your conversation by building rapport. Before you call the person, go to their Facebook wall and find a couple areas of common interest (like books, TV shows, movies, or a recent post they did that you like) that you can talk about when you get on the phone. Spend a couple minutes getting to know them better, before you start talking about your home business.

When there is a break in the conversation or a period of silence, that is when you transition over to talking more about your business.

How to Transition to Talk About Your Home Business

For example let’s you are talking to a prospect who just told you on Facebook Chat that he’s open to taking a look at making money from home. The series of questions you ask him might look like this:

“So, (NAME), you told me in Facebook Chat that you are open to taking a look at ways to make money from home. What is it that has you open to taking a look?” Pause, and wait for their response. Even if they just told you the reason on Facebook, you want them to verbalize it out loud. They are beginning to tell you more about their “why” for being in business with you, and this will help you tailor your conversation to meet their needs.

Then with the answers they give you, you can dig a little deeper to find out more information. For example, if he/she tells you they need more money for kids’ college funds, you could ask how old the kids are and if they have ideas about what colleges they’d like to go to, and why those colleges. Or if they say they’d like to travel, ask where they would travel, and to get more specific about it. You are helping them to “Paint the Picture” of what life would be like if they had the money to do the things they want to do in life.

After they talk about their “why” a little bit, then ask:
-What kind of monthly income are you looking to make (achieve, earn)?

-What would that do for you? (they will be giving you those “why” reasons again)

-How important is it to you that you are able to earn the $_______/Month (the number they just told you) so that you can do those things?

Pause and wait for their response. They will most likely say “it’s very important!” It’s critical for you to get them to say this, for them to put in their own words how much they are looking to earn (their goal), and for what reason (their “why” for starting a home business), and that it is very important to them, because now they are in the exact right position to look more closely at your home business opportunity. They now have more internal motivation to proceed with you. AND, they are building a better connection with YOU in the process.

Now is the perfect time to transition to talking about your home business and to send them to your company presentation. Simply say something like, “Okay, great! I’m going to send you a link for a ____ minute long video about our company. In that video you will see exactly how you can earn that $____ / month that you said you wanted to earn so that you can __________ (list the things they told you they would do with the money). How soon will you be able to watch it?”

Then set up a time to follow up with them and answer questions they may have. For help on what to say on the follow-up call, go to my blog post or YouTube video called “4 Simple Steps to a Follow Up Phone Call.”

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