Script for Calling Craig’s List Leads for Home Business

Script for Calling Craig’s List Leads for Home Business

craigs list script network marketingThe following script is for calling Craig’s List leads for your home business or network marketing business. Craig’s List is a great place to find free leads (or leads for $25 if you post in big cities). In this article, I’m assuming you already created a Craig’s List ad and know how to do it, but that you are looking for guidance on what to say to a lead or prospect when you call them. Whether they respond with a text or email or phone call, here is a sample script of what to say when you first get them on the phone.

Your Goal is 3-Fold:

– Qualify them for your time and to be on your team by asking a series of questions

– Build rapport (people do business with those they know, like and trust, so your goal is to get them to like you and trust you on this call)

– Share information with them

You want to make the call relatively short, 5-7 minutes, but keep in mind, the person is much more likely to join you if they like you and trust you, so you will want to build a little rapport with them and connect with them, but you don’t want to spend 30 minutes on the phone either. On the other hand, if you ask just 2 or 3 questions, you will not connect with them and they will be less likely to sign up. So you want to ask enough questions to get an idea of their background and who they are and whether you think they will be a good fit.


Questions you will ask:

-Hi, (NAME), this is (YOUR NAME) getting back to you with information you were asking for, from my Craig’s List ad about working from home. How’s it going?

(Assume that the person you are calling is the person who answers the phone, as long as that person is the same sex of the person you are calling. Otherwise, if you say something like “hello, is Alice there?” or “ “Hello, may I speak with Alice Smith please?” they may think you are a telemarketer and hang up on you. So when you call, just assume the person who answers is the one you are calling, and they will more likely think you are a friend calling. Also, always end a statement or comment with another question for your prospect. Remember, the person asking the questions is the one in control of the conversation and you want that to be you).

Then you are going to tell them what to expect on the phone call:

“I appreciate your response to our ad. I’m going to ask you a few questions so I know the best information to direct you to, and then I will tell you a little bit about our company and what we are looking for in people partnering up with us, fair enough?”

(they respond)

After each question, wait for an answer, and you might want to dig a little deeper to have more of a conversation with them. Make a genuine connection with them as if you had just met them at a party or an event and you seriously want to get to know this person. You don’t want to make it look like you are “processing” someone by putting them through a list of standard questions. Make it a conversation.

-What is it that has you looking on Craig’s List for extra income?

-Are you looking for part-time income or full-time income?

-What do you currently do for a living? (if they do not have a job now, ask what kind of job(s) they had before).
– What do (did) you like best about it? Least?

– Do you have a computer with Internet access?

– What kind of a monthly income are you looking to achieve?

-What would that do for you? (for example, pay bills, travel, college funds for kids)

– How important is it to you that you be able to earn $_____/month (the number they just gave you) so that you can ___________ (the list of things they just told you)?

(Pause and wait for their response. They will most likely say “it’s very important!” It’s critical for you to get them to say this, for them to put in their own words how much they are looking to earn (their goal), and for what reason (their “why” for starting a home business), and that it is very important to them, because now they are in the exact right position to look more closely at our business. They now have more internal motivation to proceed with you. AND, they are building a better connection with YOU in the process.

So, they just told you it’s very important to them. Now you transition to having them watch your company video(s).

-Great, our next step is to have you watch a short video about working with us.

-Do you have a Facebook account? If so, I will send the link for this video directly to your Facebook inbox. (If they say yes, then get their account name on Facebook and send them a request while you are still on the phone with them.) If you are not on Facebook, then I will send you a link to your email address. What is the best email address to send it to?

-Okay, (NAME) I am sending over this link right now, and the video will show you just how you can earn that $______/mo that you said you wanted to earn so that you can ____________ (list the things they just told you.) How soon will you be able to watch this video?

(Note the psychology here: asking “how soon?” shows them that it is important and urgent they watch it. If you ask “when can you watch it?” it’s much more open ended that way and they may tell you ‘next week.’ You obviously don’t want that.)

As far as the follow up goes, it really depends on how much time you can dedicate. If you are in a business building frenzy and you are sending 5-15 people per day to your company video, then you will want to save yourself some time and let your prospects weed themselves out, and just have them call you back after watching the video if they want more information or want to sign up. On the other hand, if you are only sending videos to a couple people per day, then you might want to set up a time to speak with them right after they watch the video to answer any questions they might have. Not only will they have live contact with you, but it gives you more practice in prospecting.

Typically, the way I work it depends on how much I like the person and how much potential I think they have. If I’d score them a 7 out of 10, I’ll more likely set up a time to follow up with them. For everyone else, I’m more likely to send them to video and let them call me back if they are really interested in pursuing this business. Don’t waste my time setting up appointments with people who you think have little potential, who are not engaged in the conversation and don’t seem very motivated.
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  1. Iwona February 15, 2015 at 12:42 pm #

    Sarah, your post is very helpful for everybody, who wants to generate quality leads. Sometimes we just don’t know how to speak professionally with someone who responsed to our ad. How to make a distinction – now it is clear. Thanks a lot:)
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  2. Sarah Bailey February 17, 2015 at 5:19 pm #

    Thank you so much, Iwona!

  3. Willy Dalid February 20, 2015 at 2:52 pm #

    Your blogs are very helpful specially when I’m new to the business of network marketing. I do would like to know on how to make flyers for recruiting prospects and booking travel/customer service.
    You are an inspiration to me and want to be successful like yourself.

    Willy Dalid

  4. Willy Dalid February 20, 2015 at 2:56 pm #

    Thank you for everything that you do for All of us.

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