WHO Exactly Are You Recruiting into Your Home Business?

Who Exactly Are You Recruiting into Your Home Business?

who recruiting home businessAs you are building your home business it’s important to think twice about who exactly you are recruiting. And I mean something much more important than what category of people you are recruiting (for example, recruiting professionals, cold calls, calling leads, friends, family, business cards you pick up around town, etc).

I’m talking about “who” these people really are. Do they have the character, integrity, personality, demeanor, and work ethic of someone you want to connect with on a regular basis?

Here’s a simple measuring indicator to know whether your prospect is someone you want on your team in your home business:

Do you want them sitting at the dinner table with you and your family?

If you have little kids, think about whether you’d want your prospect asking your kids if they could pass the salt-shaker.

The first time I heard this tip, it was a HUGE eye opener for me. I was at a point in building my business where I was really struggling in recruiting. I was calling leads, desperate for someone to sign up, willing to take anyone who had a pulse. Many of the leads I called were unemployed, barely coherent and I was willing to bring some of them on board.

But when I heard that small piece of advice, I realized I was doing it all wrong!

The funny thing is, once I started to be a little more discriminating in who I would actually enroll into my home business, I started to get better at recruiting. I realized my ethics are a whole lot better than that and I stood up for myself more. I started saying NO to people for a change, instead of always hearing the prospect say no.

Consider carefully whom you really want to recruit into your business. The temptation is there, especially when you are just starting out in your home business, to recruit anyone who’s breathing, because you just want people on your team. But it can cause massive headaches for you in the long run, so you are better off looking for people who YOU really want to partner up with.

If you don’t think you’d want your prospect having dinner with you and your family, then don’t waste your time speaking with them and don’t enroll them in your business.

Don’t surround yourself with people who lack the character, morals and integrity that define you. This extends beyond recruiting as well. Think about who you are surrounding yourself with in business and would you want any of them sitting at the dinner table with your family:

– Your sponsor, the one who enrolled you in your current business

  • Your Upline leadership in your company
  • Other people on your team
  • The head of your company

Look at who you are surrounding yourself with in business.  Be unwilling to compromise your integrity and character in business.


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2 Responses to WHO Exactly Are You Recruiting into Your Home Business?

  1. Karen Herrold May 19, 2015 at 10:36 am #

    Wow! Sarah I’ve learned a lot of things but you really just gave me an AH HA moment. You hit the nail on the head of what the problem is of why a lot of people no matter if they have a business mindset, the people on their team might only include 1-2 that think like them. The rest are deadwood and wasting your time.

    They sit there like they are waiting for the 3 wisemen to come out of the sky and hand them a paycheck lol! I have always thought about that but not knowing how to approach people that I know are right for my business.

    Thank you Sarah!
    Karen Herrold

  2. Sarah Bailey May 20, 2015 at 9:18 am #

    You GOT it, Karen!!! Thank you for sharing!

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