Are You Obsessed with Your Home Business?

Are You Obsessed with Your Home Business?

obsession home business workAre you Obsessed with your home business? It could be a good thing, but not necessarily.  What else are you so obsessed about in your life? Is it work, business, even exercise, or other things that can get in the way of “life.”

An obsession is not always a good thing, and sometimes something that starts out good, positive and healthy can flip on you.  It happened to me in the past few years trying to find the right home business. It took me a few businesses before I found the one that worked best for me. It also meant that I did a tremendous amount of personal growth, which I loved. I discovered that as I had more growth, and learned more and met some really fantastic people, that I continued to want to learn and learn and grow and improve and it went to the point that I think I became obsessed with it. I was also obsessed with trying to “figure it all out” by learning how to prospect, recruit and close sales.

But sadly enough, during this process, I pushed the most important people in my life to the side because every spare minute went to figuring out how to grow a home business. You can read my story here.

There are many coaches out there who will tell you that if you want to have success in home business it will take a big sacrifice and you will not be able to have balance in your life. And maybe that is true. But maybe, just maybe, they are missing out on a very important point in life too.   There is more to life than just working 24/7.

If you are really obsessed about something you might experience growth in that area of life. However, when you get to the end of your life and you are reflecting back, what regrets are you going to have? You are certainly not going to wish you worked more. You will have regrets about your relationships and how you didn’t spend more time with certain people.

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In the end, it’s going to come down to your relationships with your loved ones. You have to find a way to find some balance along the way. So right now, find blocks of time in your calendar to dedicate to your obsession, but also block off time in your day for your kids, your spouse or partner or other significant people in your life.

How many times have you casually said to someone, “let’s grab a cup of coffee” for the SOLE purpose of connecting with that person. If you are trying to set up a coffee or lunch with someone so you can talk to them about a business opportunity IT DOESN’T COUNT. What I’m talking about is getting together with people to connect with them, truly connect. Put it in your calendar and follow through with it.

And with the time you do dedicate to your obsession, do it in blocks of time as well. When you set aside time in your day to work on your obsession, then give that obsession your total focus. Do not get distracted by other things (like email, Facebook, laundry, cleaning up, etc). When you give it your total focus, you can get so much done.

I read a study about habits in the work place and it’s been documented that the average worker in corporate America has only 2 productive hours per day at work out of an 8 hour day.

So set time for your obsession, but also set time for your loved ones. Actually put it in your calendar, and do not let other distractions come in the way of being “present” with that person. Put your phone down, get off the computer, and don’t do other things. BE with that person.

Money is good, and it will help you get the lifestyle you want, but make it happen in a way that will allow you to spend time with your loved ones.

Find a way to find balance in your life, because the time is NOW to find the balance.

You can do it!

You can have your obsession but dedicate specific time blocks to that obsession. But also set aside the time for family, relationships, for God. Seek God first in all things. He will provide the path for you. Look for wisdom and discernment from God. Set aside the time each day for your obsession and for the people who are most important to you, because when time passes, you never get it back.

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Sarah Bailey




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