How to Follow Up When Prospects Don’t Return Phone Calls or Messages: MLM Tips

How to Follow Up When Prospects Don’t Return Phone Calls or Messages

How to Follow Up When Prospects Don’t Return Phone Calls or Messages network marketingSo, how do you follow up with prospects when they don’t return your phone calls or messages on text or on Facebook? Are you looking for some MLM tips for what you say next?  If you find yourself in this situation, it’s like someone ignoring you with the “Talk to the hand” gesture.  This picture is funny to me; it’s my niece and my son and she was basically saying to him to stop talking about whatever it was he was talking about.  He was annoying her.  And he responded by jokingly pretending he’d bite her hand off.

What you don’t want to be is annoying to your prospects, especially when your prospects are friends and family.  All too often, this happens to people in home business.  When you share your business “too much” this might happen to you. Here are some MLM tips to help you get over this hump in your business.

3 Reasons Why Your Prospects Don’t Return Calls or Messages

1-You didn’t set up the conversation right on your first call or contact with them before sending them to your company presentation

2-You didn’t qualify them well enough on that first call

3-You’ve already followed up with them too many times and they are avoiding you now.

VIDEO: MLM Tips- What to do When Prospects Won’t Return Calls or Messages

What the Prospects Are Probably Thinking:

1-The prospect doesn’t see you as the leader who can help them reach their goals (This one is a little harsh, and hard to hear sometimes, but it happened to me, and I’m grateful for the coach who mentored me on it)

2- Network marketing isn’t for them. I know you hear over and over again, that “anyone” can do network marketing, and maybe anyone can, but it’s definitely not for everyone, and not everyone will excel at it.

3- The timing is not right for them- this answer is probably the most common one. They may really like the idea of your business and working from home, but the timing may not be optimal yet.

So how is it that you can stay top of mind with them over the course of the next several days, weeks, months, and sometimes years so that they DO think of you when the time is right for them?

The short answer is “with no pressure to join” you.  You might be super excited about your business, but if it’s not right for them right now, then don’t push it. Talk about other things.

If it’s friends and family, then talk about other family and friend related things. Stop talking about your business.

Show genuine interest in them and what’s going on in their lives. Take the pressure off of them. Keep the spotlight right on them, not on you. When you start having success, they are going to notice it, and maybe down the road the timing will be right for them and they will ask you about it.

If your prospect is a connection through social media, like Facebook, then the way you stay connected with them, is by going to their wall and “Like” and comment on some of their posts. You can private message them with occasional messages that have to do with the posts they create.

For example, say your prospect just went on vacation and posted pictures on their wall. You could message them and say something like “I just saw your picture from your vacation in the Bahamas. What were the temperatures like there? Did you get to do any snorkeling or sailing?” Or you could say something like that. Anytime you send an Inbox message to a prospect on Facebook, always end with a question so you engage them in conversation. Stay connected with them over time.

Have a genuine interest in the person over time. Do not be fake with them. You never know how things might unfold over time. Also pay attention to what you are posting on your Facebook wall, because people will watch you over time.

Do not be pushy with people about your network marketing business, do not hassle them and them may come to you when the timing is right. Stay connected with people in a way that shows you are genuinely interested in them, and when the timing is right they just might come back to you and tell you they are ready to learn more.
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