How to Attract More People to You for Your Home Based Business

How to Attract More People to You for Your Home Based Business

home based business attract more peopleSo you want to know how to attract more people to you for your home based business? It starts with you being a more attractive person to be around. I don’t mean how you look or dress. I mean your overall personality, how you carry yourself and how you interact with others.

It starts with YOU being YOU. You being authentic, not fake, not spammy.

To grow your home based business, you want them asking YOU more about what you are doing, not by you just “telling” people what you are doing. You want them to ask you for more information. So how do you do that?

Be authentic! Be the person God created you to be. You were created with certain gifts and talents, so use those. Some people will like you and some people won’t, whether you are being your authentic self or you’re trying to be someone you’re not. There is no way that you are going to be able to please everyone, so you might as well be your natural self. It’s just the way it goes. You will attract the right people to you.

But as far as your home business goes, and wanting to attract people to you for your business it is NOT:

– sending links to people in your first Facebook message to them

– posting links on other people’s Facebook walls, over Twitter, Instagram or other social media outlets.

– being “spammy”

One of the big reasons the home business arena gets a bad reputation is because people don’t know how to prospect appropriately or effectively.

So how do you get them to ask you about your business? It’s about you showing genuine interest in the person. Ask them a series of questions that will lead to you talking about your products or home business. There are 3 steps:

1 – Build rapport

2 – Find a need

3 – Fill the need

You will build likability and trust as you build rapport with them and get to know them a little bit. You are looking for a need they have that your business has a solution for, either with your products or your home business opportunity. The video here gives more specifics on examples of what to say.

You want THEM to voice their needs. You might KNOW they have a need for your products or business, but if they don’t verbalize it themselves, they will probably not be interested in what you are doing or selling. People love to buy but they hate to be sold. So it’s much more powerful when they tell YOU they have a need rather than you telling them that your product or home business will help to fill those needs, whether you are selling health and wellness products, lotions, financial services, etc.

The key is to use the word OPEN to taking a look at something. If they say yes, then say “I’ll share with you what we’re doing in our business and it may or may not be a great fit. If it is, then great! If not, no big deal.” Then you can share information with them.

And the best time to prospect friends and family?? It’s when you don’t CARE if they sign up or not. When you can have engaged detachment.

If you are talking to friends and family and you get into a conversation like this about your business or products, and they tell you they are open to taking a look, then great. Set up a time to meet with them or send them info, but then move onto another topic. Stop talking about your business. Talk about dinner or sports or shopping or something. But change the topic.

Be relaxed.

Be casual.

Be the person you want to hang out with and be around.

To attract more people to you and your home based business, it begins with you being authentic, and then showing a genuine interest in who they are, asking a series of questions to find a need, and THEN when they give you permission and tell you the are OPEN to learning more, then THAT is the right time to talk about your products or home business opportunity.
And THAT is how you will become a more attractive person when it comes to your home business.
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